Calgary Stampede Foodie

If you know anything about Calgary, it would be that every year the city goes country cowboy crazy for about 10 days. We like to celebrate some of our heritage by throwing what is basically a big party with our cowboy hats, country music, rodeos and deep fried goodies. My […]

Vee’s Book Nook: May & June

Well once I finished War & Peace (finally) I got up to reading only three more books. With a holiday on the horizon, I hope to really bump up my reading soon. All I’ve Ever Wanted by Adrianne Bryd: A quick and quirky suspense romance novel. The story follows a single […]

Last of London

My last few days of Summer Travels 2016 were spent in London! It was bittersweet getting to tour around London with Calais. However we managed to squish in ALOT of activities while we were there, in between all of my last minute leaving tasks as well. Many of these activities […]