Starting Out Small

I am not sure what my first travel experience was. But I do know that I got to take many road trips, mini holidays and little staycations throughout my younger years and teens.  They were a mix of family visits and being a backyard tourist. These trips took me to the west coast of B.C. and throughout Southern Alberta for the most part. Each new place that I got to see held it’s own excitement that was different then the last.

Looking back, I can see that travelling would always be a love in my life. From the very start, I know that I loved the anticipation of going on a trip. The night before gave me a very similar feeling as to when you are waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. Packing was always an enjoyment for me, as well as the millions of lists I would make to ensure I remembered everything (which of course, there was always something to be forgotten). Getting to stay somewhere new that was not my own bedroom has always been a treat for me. There is a special kind of joy that is found in travelling that cannot be replicated anywhere.

Dinosaurs playing in Drumheller. (Credit for photo is not my own. Follow link to original photographer)

 My favorite destination that I can recall is Drumheller, Alberta.  I LOVED dinosaurs when I was younger and Drumheller is a Dino-Centric town, being the place of residence of the Royal Tyrell Musuem. We would visit here quite frequently when I was younger, and each time was just as much fun as the last. There is something about your favorite place, it never gets old.  A few other notable trips we took were always to Creston, BC to visit my great grandma and great aunt – that was a summer routine. Many memories and adventures are associated with that place. In addition to that was a summer spent camping around southern Alberta, long weekends in Edmonton and trips out to Banff to explore the mountains. Just an assortment of wonderful travels that filled my early years that I will always remember.

My point in this little ramble is that travels can be big or small. They can be international or in your backyard. My travels started out small but have continued to grow because my travel bug’s appetite has increased since my Europe trip and I always feel that I want to top the last trip with something bigger or farther.  But I will always look back on my first travels as special, and I would not trade them for anything. I still love random weekends out to the mountains, I still get that excited anticipatied feeling for little get aways that take me away from home, and I still think it is neat to be staying somewhere new. Travelling, no matter where, always has and always will bring me joy.

– xoxo Veronica 


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