A Hotel Love Affair

When I was a child, my parents took me on a staycation. A new hotel had opened up in Lethbridge that was a pretty nice first for the city at the time, with fancy rooms and a waterpark. So they decided to take a weekend off, and have a hotel centric mini vacation. And so began a love affair.

I LOVE staying in hotels. If I could live in one, I would. My love of hotels is what drew me to the hospitality career after high school (well that and wanting to be a classy concierge like on the Las Vegas tv show…) and even though that career path did not end up being my dream, my love for hotels has not changed a bit. In fact, it only increased it and gave me so much respect for everyone who works behind the scenes – it is really hard work keeping up appearances for us guests to enjoy 🙂

The excitement, for me, begins right at check in as I am handed the room keys to then wheel my suitcase across the lobby and head off to my 001room. I enjoy the anticipation of opening the door not really knowing what the other side will look like but hoping it is as lovely as I saw on the website. I love getting to use all the amenities and unpacking just a little to make it feel like a home away from home. And who doesn’t love coming back to their room at the end of the day to see it all cleaned, with the bed made and if you are lucky perhaps a chocolate mint or animal pillow or better yet, a Mickey Ears towel!

My favourite hotels to stay in are always the Vegas Hotels, and yes they get a category all to their own. They are all just like mini villages, and if you want to you could easily just stay there for days. It is so much fun exploring the hotel grounds, the lobbies, the shops, the restaurants, the casino and the pool grounds. Not to mention all the extra touristy attractions most of them have. So far I have stayed at the Bellagio, Monte Carlo and the Flamingo. Each of them were well worth the stay, offering something special and unique to make them amazing. The Monte Carlo had an amazing pool area and great food court, the Bellagio was pure elegance and top of the line service, and the Flamingo was cute and perfect for a girl’s getaway. Each Vegas hotel is one of a kind and I cannot wait to stay at them all!

Pool area at Monte Carlo - so much fun!

Pool area at Monte Carlo – so much fun!

Bathroom in Bellagio room - so elegant!

Bathroom in Bellagio room – so elegant!

Fabulous Pink Room at the Flamingo!

Fabulous Pink Room at the Flamingo!

My all time favorite hotel so far has definitely got to be the Bellagio (I will say it again, so elegant!) and it will be hard to top. In the same high end range, I also enjoyed my stay at the Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland. It was my first stay at a Disney Park, and the hotel was everything Disney, along with amazing service and comfort.  A few others that make the list for favorites was another Disneyland located hotel – the Ramada Maingate. We stayed here on a road trip that incorporated Disney. It is located right across the street from the park, had huge rooms and a great pool area. If that was not enough to offer, it also had 24 hour pizza service.mickey hands  Keeping up with the California locale would be the  Blue Sands Motel in Santa Barbara. Our room had a kitchenette and two bedrooms with an ocean view. It was at tiny place that really felt like staying in our own apartment.

A bit closer to home, I have stayed multiple times at Irwin’s Mountain Inn located in Banff and loved my stays there! It is always great service, the on site restaurant is delicious and love the fireplace in the lobby. I would go back there over and over again. Also close to home is the Holiday Inn at Canmore, where I got to stay in one of the coolest rooms ever.Canmore Hotel The loft suite, definatley by far the sweetest room!

And of course, what would a story be without the the other side. So one of my worst hotel experiences was the Motel 6 in St. George, Utah. A tiny box like room, hard beds and a door that would not shut! But I suppose you get what you pay for 😛 And last but not least, so far the weirdest hotel that I have stayed at would be in the Ramada in Medford, Oregon, it felt like it was right out of the Shining – long hallways, creepy staff and eerie rooms. However, these stays always make for great stories later on.

So now that I have shared the love of my hotels, maybe you are wondering  what is my dream hotel? Well I have always wanted to stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. I have walked the grounds many times and eaten here, but have yet to stay. It will happen one day! A bit farther from home, I want to travel solely to Dubai to stay at a few of the hotels there. The two that I really want to stay at are:  Burj Al Arab – which claims to be the worlds most luxurious hotel and just by looking at the pictures, I do not doubt it, and Atlantis, the Palm – just to stay in their underwater suites!

Blue Sands Motel

Blue Sands Motel

In my near future, I am looking forward to staying at the Estrella del Mar Resort in Mazatlan, in my king bed ocean view room! And I am super excited to be staying in the  2 bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs Walt Disney World. There are six of us going and so renting the villa turned out be a great option to stay together – I am most looking forward to having access to a full kitchen during our Disney stay. What hotels am I hoping to visit during my travels while living in the UK? Well to be honest, I will be staying at hostels for the most part. (Which I also happen to love – the goods one anyway but that deserves a whole post on its own.) However there is one hotel that I am hoping to get a chance to stay at and that is the Yotel at Heathrow Airport. It just looks way to cool to not stay at, at least once!

So there you have it, my hotel love affair. Five star, budget or boutique I love all hotels in every shape, size and design. It seems the sky is the limit with what a hotel can offer now a days so I can’t wait to see what new ones pop up in the future. One thing is for sure, my “must stay at” list is ever growing.

What hotels are your favorites? Are there any hotels you dream of staying at one day?

– xoxo Veronica 


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