You Can Always Go Home

Well first let me apologize for the lack of posting the past three weeks…I have been in the process of moving and settling in so it has been a bit difficult to find time to write out anything that would be coherent. However, now that my life is a bit more organized and my head is a bit more clear,  expect to hear from me frequently once again. 🙂

A couple months ago I made the decision to move back to my hometown until I left for the UK. It was a decision that came about rather quickly and resulted from some strong emotions,  but it was a necessary decision and I do not doubt that is has been for the best. I came to the realization that I was just simply finished with my life where I was and it was becoming difficult to continue living there knowing that I would be leaving it in a year or so anyway. So I made the choice to take a slight step backwards and live in an easy in-between that would provide me comfort and happiness before I left for the UK. Sometimes you just hit a point where you are finished with a certain chapter in your life and it hurts more then helps to continue living in that chapter. I think it is essential to recognize that once you hit this point, it is time to move on, even if it is a small step backwards or sideways, before taking a huge step forward. I now realize the importance of never feeling that you have to be stuck treading a path that you cannot bear to continue on, it is possible to always find a way out if we need to.

From this decision, I have realized the importance of knowing that home is always a place we can go back to. We can have many “homes” in our lifetime, the definition of “home” changes with what becomes importance to us. But of course, your hometown is somewhere that will always be “home”. I used to look at returning to my hometown (to live, not to visit) as some sort of failure. Like the majority of graduates, I wanted out. I wanted to make my way to the big city and never look back. However, after my initial plan not working out and my perspective on life in general changing, I have come to realize that it was entirely my perception and image of the home that I left, that was making me believe coming back would be negative. The truth is, home is where I have found comfort. Home is where my family is. Home is where I have been able to seek solace time and time again. And there is nothing wrong with that. Anyone should be able to return to their hometown, family and friends, feeling that it is a safe, loving and warm place to return too. Since my return, I have felt nothing but positive and happy thoughts while here. So I  will never think of my hometown as a negative place to return to again. It has now become my solace and I look forward to being able to return over and over again in my life, knowing that I can find  stability and that I will always have loved ones here.

This was just a short little post, but one I felt was important to share. Always remember that wherever you are and no matter what your something more is, you can always go home.

-xoxo Veronica


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