Yummy Pics

I LOVE food. Once I got over the typical picky eater phase in life, I recognized the joy delicious food can bring. I will try almost anything once, and am nine times out of ten in for a treat. I love all kinds of cuisine, rare delicacies, rich food, comfort food and simple food.  Half of the fun in travelling is getting to try all the new food and find some super delicious eats along the way. So here are some of my memorable dishes that I have had in my recent travels.


First up is authentic Jerk chicken and plantains from Falmouth, Jamaica. O.M.G. SO GOOD. I am so glad that we got to try this! The flavor and crispiness…it was impossible to replicate. I can’t wait to go back there just to have this again!


Next up is FRESH steamed crab, onion rings, coleslaw and Cherry coke on the pier in Santa Barbara. Literally got to see the crab get pulled out of the ocean and be thrown into a pot to be steamed. Again, O.M.G. For sure one of my top favorite eats ever! I love that it was on paper plates with no utensils and on a picnic table. Sometimes the best food is not at all in a fancy restaurant but as simple as this! And of course, Cherry Coke.


Mmmmm fish tacos in Malibu! What a perfect setting to try my first fish tacos. Super delicious. This was at Dukes in Malibu,California. Super busy place right on the ocean off the main interstate. We stopped here for lunch midway from LAX to Santa Barbara. What a great choice!


Well what would a foodie post be without throwing some Vegas delights into the mix. This little snack was at PBR Rock Bar in Planet Hollywood. Dorito crusted mac and cheese. Need I say more?


And last but not least was Beef Wellington at Ramsey Steak in Paris Hotel, Las Vegas. I dreamed about this dish for months and months before we went to Vegas.  As my third visit there, I HAD to finally eat at a Ramsey restaurant and boy was I not disappointed. The entire dish quite literally melted in your mouth and was worth every penny! (The bread image was also from this restaurant, who knew you could get so many different types of fancy breads before a meal?)

These are just a small taste (ha) of the amazing food I have been lucky enough to have tried to far. These are some of the more “fancy” dishes I have had, however some of the most delicious eats have been as simple as onion rings in the Flamingo food court or a danish at Sea World. I hope to explore much more of my foodie side in my future travels! But the best part about being a foodie, is that sometimes I do not even have to leave my doorstep to eat something incredible…


– xoxo Veronica 


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