The Vegas Series: Three Guys and Two Divas

This is the second part of a three part series detailing my experiences in Las Vegas.


Oh Las Vegas. You have fascinated me forever. You were once going to be my future home. You are timeless, classy, messy, and full of wish fulfillment. I have been three times. Each a different experience on its own and each a load of fun. Still waiting for my VIP high roller experience trip, one day, one day!

Read on to enjoy mini reviews, tips and tricks, and hear about my antics in Vegas. What happens in Vegas does NOT always stay in Vegas 😉

Part Two


My second time to this insane city was about a year later and this time was for four nights with Caitlin, her boyfriend (and my friend) and two of our guy friends. So since there were to be three guys and two girls, Caitlin and I decided that we would have to even out the scales and make sure to be extra girly for this trip 😉 This meant lots of fancy clothes, heels, “costume” changes and demands. We made sure we would be ready for our nights on the town!


 I had hoped that this time around would be a bit less overwhelming because I had been there before. And it was but it was not in the least bit boring. Everything is constantly changing there that all those distractions I mentioned from before, they are all NEW distractions. However, I figured now that we were there for a longer amount of time then we would be able to tackle EVERYTHING once again. I did not learn a second time around. I came with my list which was soon discarded, but was able to leave with a better understanding for next time.


Now this trip felt ages in the making and so it was with an incredible amount of excitement that we left for the airport on a Wednesday evening smack dab in the middle of August. We flew in that evening and I got my first experience of seeing the lights from above and oh boy what a view! Upon landing we made our way to our hotel which was this time, the Monte Carlo. The first night was just a chill night of some basic walking around, snacking and then off to bed for an early start.

I woke up quite early and bounced over to the floor to ceiling window so that I could check out the view of the awesome pool which I could not wait to try out! After calling Caitlin and shouting “WE ARE IN VEGAS”, it was time to get everyone up and at em so we could head out and explore. And just like last time, I soon realized how easily it is to be distracted here and how quickly you end up not at all where you planned but that does not change the fun! Some of the best times we had were the from the hidden things around the corner.


Our first day we toured the north half and hit up New York New York, Excalibur, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, and finally the MGM Grand (plus my favourite M & M shop and Coca Cola store). We got to visit the aquarium and shark reef in Mandalay Bay which was super cool and entertaining. I LOVE aquariums. So this was pretty neat, and getting to touch sting rays is always super cool!



My favourite part about Vegas is just walking through the interior of all the hotels because I think they are so neat how they are designed. Also a favorite? Getting to order a mamosa in the afternoon and take it with me during a stroll.  After our tour around, we headed back to the hotel for a dip in the pool, woop! I LOVE the pool area at Monte Carlo. So.Much.Fun. We had a blast going around the lazy river, in the wave pool and chilling out in the hot tub.


After pool time, Caitlin and I got all gussied up to go see Criss Angel which we had recieved free tickets for. We went all out and made our way there while the boys went to do what boys do. The Criss Angel show was a bit disappointing to be honest. It was not at all what I thought it was going to be, however it was still worth it to see him in person! And almost all of the tricks were wicked cool, I just was not a fan of how the show was presented. The rest of the night was filled with some night time strolling and shopping. We found a really cool tatto shop in Planet Hollywood and almost debated getting tattoos, but at the last minute decided not to and vowed to do it when we came back for next time. (And we did – stay tuned for that)


Friday morning the boys got up super early to go golfing and Caitlin and I treated ourselves to mani/pedis at the hotel spa. Boyo what a treat! After mani/pedis we met up with the boys and went to the outlet mall for some more shopping. (I feel like Vegas is really just walking eating drinking and shopping ha!) Then we did some more swimming and purchased Monte Carlo’s signature 100oz drinks 😉 After casually sipping on those, we got all fancied up (even the boys!) and headed out for a delicious dinner at PBR Rock Bar (highly recommend) and then it was time for our club crawl night!

...that is about all I drank by the way...:P

…that is about all I drank by the way…:P

We booked our club crawl through Expedia, and it included a meet n greet at Revolution Lounge, and then no cover/line entry into three other clubs as well as transportation in between. We started off the night with our complimentary free drink at Revolution Lounge in the Mirage (super cool place)and then moved to our first club which was 1 OAK in the Mirage as well. After dancing for awhile there, we headed off to Chateau in Paris and danced the night away on the rooftop! We just had so much fun there that we decided to stay instead of head to the third club, So after our fill in this club we headed off back to the hotel for some sleep so that we could enjoy our last day in Vegas to the fullest.


The morning brought us to coffee and breakfast pool side- my favourite thing ever and of course a glorious dip in the hot tub. Then it was off to finish our last bit of shopping and see how far the day would take us! We went on the roller coaster at New York New York (AH-NEVER again), I purchased an unnecessary amount of socks at a crazy sock store and then had a delicious burger dinner, where I got to have TRUFFLES on my burger. Yay me! (Did I mention that this was my birthday dinner as our flying day next day would be my birthday? Thanks friends for the treat 🙂 ). The rest of the evening was our final tour of the strip to see how far we would make it (as far as the Wynn if you were wondering) including a bit of a break to take a gondola ride at the Venetian! Of course the night ended with having to see the Bellagio Conservatory and Fountains show!



This was a pretty sweet trip but boy were we super tired by the end of it. We also had such an early flight on our departure day, like 5am early. Yuck. I learned to never book an early flight like that again, and to take more breaks during the day.

Some things worth mentioning:
-We purchased a day pass for the buffet at Monte Carlo for $25 – I would recommend doing that for one day while you are in Vegas, its a steal of a deal and you can eat as much as you want for 24 hours.
– Again, COMFY SHOES is so important! Also for the ladies, invest in FAST FLATS – they were perfect to slip on in between club hops to give your poor feeties a rest from those heels!
– Also take the tram if you can, it saves on walking and gives you more energy. Cabs are super cheap there, we took cabs everywhere as well.
– Most importantly though, JUST HAVE FUN. Forget the schedule, forget the to do list, just go with it – you will never be bored or disappointed. There is something for everyone and no shortages of entertainment, shopping or good eats!


It was a trip long in the planning and worth every fun moment. Love the memories that we all shared from this Vegas Vacation, which was really what it was all about. Good times with good friends.

– xoxo Veronica


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