The Vegas Series: A “Forever Fabulous” Girls Getaway

This is the third (and last) part of a three part series detailing my experiences in Las Vegas.


Oh Las Vegas. You have fascinated me forever. You were once going to be my future home. You are timeless, classy, messy, and full of wish fulfillment. I have been three times. Each a different experience on its own and each a load of fun. Still waiting for my VIP high roller experience trip, one day, one day!

Read on to enjoy mini reviews, tips and tricks, and hear about my antics in Vegas. What happens in Vegas does NOT always stay in Vegas 😉


Ah yes. My most recent trip! My third time in the Vegas, and  the first time that I think I got to  experience the more party style of Vegas. I felt that the visits prior to this were tourist orientated, and while we did a lot of touristy stuff on this trip, this did also had fun filled nights outs – every night.

This trip was a bit special because it was travelling with my cousin without our parents for the first time. It was also along time in the planning, as quite a few years ago, my cousin Calais and I saw the movie 21 together. And after seeing that movie we vowed to go to Vegas together so I said when she turned 21, I would take her. Well that day came and so we picked a date, invited our besties and “patiently” waited for the arrival to come for our girls getaway. And it did, last February. What a great time to take a vacation, as its always felt like one of the longest months to me so it was perfect.

This time I decided to surprise the gals with a limo pick up at the airport! We even had a sign with and everything 🙂 After arriving at our hotel a short half hour later and one bottle of champagne in, we got another surprise by seeing we were upgraded to strip view rooms that were connecting, what a treat.

vegas limo

This time we stayed at the Flamingo. We booked it because of the price point, but it was a GREAT experience. It was cute, fun and just perfect for everything that we needed. My only wish was that the pool was open but I understand that February is just too cold of a season for them down there. Coming from -40 weather though, it felt lovely and I would have swam in that kind of weather for sure! The grounds were so lovely, with the Flamingo habitat and the garden. We took full advantage of all the little shops, casino and cafes in the hotel as well. FYI: Johnny Rockets onion rings with ranch drip? Delicious!


Anyway I digress, after freshening up we got some drinks from the casino and headed to our first stop of the evening which was Napoleon’s Dueling Piano Lounge in the Paris Hotel – I have always wanted to go there and now we finally did. YAY. It WAS SO MUCH FUN!. OMG. Please go here. You will not regret it. If you enjoy music and laughing that is. There were not a whole lot of people there, so we got to “request” quite a few songs which just made it all the more special. I must mention that we thought it would be a grand idea to order classic gin martinis — what a terrible idea, how do people enjoy that? But at an $18 price tag, we made sure to enjoy every last drop. Such a fun night of dancing and singing and making friends. Haha. We continued on with our evening of exploring the strip (with perhaps a stumble or two :P) and got to enjoy Revolution Bar before heading back to our hotel for a good nights rest for the rest of the trip!

The next three days followed a similar pattern: get up, get ready, get food, go shopping and exploring, come back nap/chill, get fancied up, eat dinner, see a show and then head to a chosen club for the evening. I wont bore you with all the details of those days, we had lots of fun shopping and exploring during the day. BUT I will share with you all the highlights. On our first day of shopping, I came into a store with a sales lady who decided she wanted to be my personal shopper, so headed to the change room where she continued to bring me dresses to try on. So much fun, something I have not experienced anywhere else. We got to see Vegas! The Show, which was AMAZING and our seats were literally front row and center. We got to eat at SUGAR which was so yummy and the drinks were incredible! Caitlin and I got to eat at Ramsey Steak (as shared in my first food post). We got to party the night away in PURE (always wanted to go here) and Chateau for FREE (no line as well and free drinks) all because we were four “single” ladies…Vegas I love you.



And I FINALLY FINALLY got to see “O”!!! SO AMAZING. Just epic show. Plus it enabled me to see the Bellagio Conservatory again, this time with a Year of the Horse theme! Also, we got to experience Fremont Street for the first time – truthfully, I do not think I would go back. It just was not my scene, I am definitely more of the Strip Vegas gal,  but it was cool to see for the first time plus we had a delicious (and normal priced) meal at an Irish bar there.  We spent the last night spending all of our ones on the slot machines, “high rollers” I think so! And last but not least we had AMAZING pedicures at  the Bellagio Spa before our flight home.

freemont street


And of course, the most epic part of our trip? GETTING TATTOOS! All for of us got tattoos in Club Tattoo, and Caitlin and I were tattooed by Josh Stone.  I feel like he deserves a mention because he was pretty amazing, and I would go back there again just to have that same experience. It was our first tattoo and  so having a comfortable experience was essential. It made a world of difference I believe, and was worth every penny. Not to mention his work is incredible of course! It was something we talked about two years earlier on our last trip, we vowed to do it next time, and we did. Being able to cross that off of our bucket list together and have a beautiful tattoo at the end to go home with? Priceless.

So my take aways from my third time in Vegas? :

– Well I FINALLY got the hang of just going with the flow here. It was great not really having an expectation or a to do list. We had a bit of a schedule due to the shows but really we just got to walk around and wander and enjoy the different things that were around. I will be able to treat the rest of my Vegas trips like this now.
– I would not go back in February. It was a bit to cold and a bit too much of an off season. One of the main things that I enjoy about Vegas is the pools, so it was sad not getting to experience any of those.
– Once again – BETTER SHOES. Thank goodness for the pedicures at the end.
– Lastly, we picked the perfect times to fly. Flew in Monday night, and left Friday evening so that worked out well. (As long as you have no plans the next day).
– Lastly, I learned that going with your ladies is the BEST way to experience Las Vegas, and I cannot wait to do that again!

vegaspic of us

It was so awesome getting to spend the week in such a classic timeless place with these three wonderful ladies. It is a trip that we will be talking about forever, and I would not trade a second of it. Thank you gals for the “Forever Fabulous” time in Vegas!


So that wraps up my Vegas series. I love Vegas. Usually at the end of a Vegas stint, I am ready to go home and vow to take a long break from there but the truth is I will continue to go back over and over again. Something about the shiny lights and “no rules” atmosphere that draws me back there time and time again. Going there gives me a glimpse into the world of the glitz and glamour (no matter how fake) that a part of me longs for. So Vegas, until next time…

-xoxo Veronica

— thanks to Calais and Tay for the pictures!


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