I <3 California

Oh California ❤


There is a reason this state has a large population. If it were easier to get a working visa to the United States, I might have had a tougher choice in terms of living abroad. I would LOVE to live in California someday, not even picky as to which part.



I have been three times now. Once strictly to Anaheim. Second was road tripping from the border at Nevada to Anaheim and up along the Pacific Coast. Lastly for a week in Santa Barbara (with a mini drive from LAX to Santa Barbara).



I love the weather, the beaches, the forest, the food, the personality,the ocean, the environment, the energy, — Hollywood and of course it has Disneyland!



However, I think what I love the most is the dreamy feelings that thinking about and visiting California offers.


All three times of visiting Cali, I have been a much more chilled out person. Life feels care free and more relaxing there. Of course, that could have just been the vacation talking but out of all the places that I have been, California offers something so refreshing and rejuvenating, I find myself at peace while there.


One day, I can see myself in a little beach house somewhere around the Santa Barbara area, just enjoying my time drinking wine, eating fresh seafood, walking on the beach and of course waking up every morning to a glass of orange juice and a view like this…



– xoxo Veronica 


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