The Happiest Place On Earth

Well you should know by now that I love Disney! So of course I have to share my first time in Disneyland. My dad took me here the summer after graduating (and only a couple months after my Europe trip). We stayed for five nights, at the Disneyland Hotel to boot! Four days in the parks, and then we added on a day in Sea World and a a day at Universal Studios. It was SO MUCH FUN and Dad and I could not help but get right into it! There were many highlights in this trip, including delicious food (ofcourse), getting to ride all the amazing rides, getting to see the first performance of Fantasmic!, annnnnd getting to meet ALL the princesses ;)!


We started off our arrival with a tour of our hotel grounds and then a delicious dinner at Steakhouse 55 which is still the best restaurant on property, I have to say! I still dream about their creme brulee…. After that it was an early night so we could be up and at em’ for our early magic hours! I still recall the feeling of walking through the gates for the first time and being greeted by the Mickey Mouse hedge, turning the corner and seeing Main Street in all its glory. I was dazed for the first little while and had a hard time believing we were really here! I had been dreaming about vising Disneyland for so long, and now I was FINALLY here. It was incredible. I hope I always remember that feeling.


Our next four days were filled with visiting Disneyland and California Adventure where we rode all the rides, ate all the treats, shopped till I dropped, tasted THE BEST ORANGE JUICE EVER, met all the characters I wanted to, saw all the shows and just lived in a wonderful dream world where the woes of reality could not enter. I was not sure if I could ever leave this amazing place.


Throughout the first couple of days, I was lucky enough to stumble across a few of the princesses and Aladdin (twice and was adorable by the way) by pure accident, and was usually the first person in line to meet them. Which was pretty cool. But by the third day, I really wanted to try and meet the majority of them and so I decided to get in line at the Royal Princess Faire, where you waited to meet three princesses (whom it would be was a surprise). Dad was a trooper and waited in line with me, At first, I felt a bit embarrassed to be standing in line for an hour and a half just to meet some gals dressed up as cartoon characters … then the a sixty something year old lady got in line behind me and started to clap her hands and jump around because she was SO EXCITED to meet the Disney Princesses, which snapped me right back into Disney mode and I got just as excited with her! Before we knew it, the wait was over and it was time to meet them.  This is a cool idea because you get to have a bit of privacy while meeting them, and get to have a little chat as well as picture and autograph. However, its a long wait for a few minutes of fun. BUT I think it was worth it…so much so that we want a second time the last day so I could try to meet Cinderella, my favorite <3. We were the last people to be accepted in line, and it was a short wait and much to my delight the three princesses in there were the three I had yet to meet! So I finally got to meet Cindy, and it still is a wonderful memory. We got to talk about our adventures together, and ahhh..I will just treasure that. ALL the princesses were awesome by the way. As far as I am concerned, it was the princesses brought to life and I no longer feel silly about meeting characters. Even Dad was a bit enamored of Snow White I believe, who was literally brought off the page into real life down to every detail.

princess collage2

That may seem like a little bit of a long ramble about meeting the princesses but I just cannot emphasize enough the detail that Disney puts into anything. There is nothing in those parks that is done halfway. So getting to meet the princesses that I grew up on, and pushing the reality of it out of my mind and truly believing I was meeting the PRINCESSES was a magical moment that I will always love Disney for giving me.

princess collage1*My Aurora picture is missing because it did not come out and just looks like a blurry mess – but she was also super cool*

We did so much in those four days, but we also got a lot of time to enjoy our new favorite things as well as just relax. Being typical me, after our first day of just walking through, I did map out a plan of attack so that we could experience everything and boy did we ever. I loved both of the parks. Disneyland is classic of course, but California Adventure was a lot of fun as well so if you are heading in that direction, take the time to do both parks (two days could suffice if you are energetic).


There is no other place like the Disney Parks out there. Disneyland was the original and still lives up to its image of what we all dream it will be. Once you step through those gates, all your cares melt away and you become whatever happiest version of yourself you want to be.  You are transported to a world where once upon a time is real and everyone gets a happily ever after. It is impossible not to get caught up in the magic and become a child again, no matter what age. Disney really does know how to do it right, and even over 50 years later, their magical ways still amaze me. I cannot even imagine the time and effort it takes into creating even just one perfect day for millions of people, let alone 365 days out of the year.

 I think it was amazing getting to share this memory with my Dad, and I know we will visit Disneyland again in the future. Disneyland truly is and will always be our happiest place on earth.

– xoxo Veronica 


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