The Caribbean Cruise Series: Jerk Chicken, Coffee & Rum

My first ever and (so far) only cruise! This is the third part in a multi-part series detailing my adventure on the Caribbean Sea! My friend Janna and I went on a Caribbean Cruise (after our crazy 2.5 day stint in Walt Disney World) in January 2013. We traveled with Royal Caribbean on a 4 nights cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale, with stops in Falmouth, Jamaica and Labadee,Haiti.



Our second (and last) stop on this cruise was Falmouth, Jamaica. By now I was feeling in tip top shape and ready to explore. We booked a little horse and buggy excursion around Falmouth, and then spent the rest of the day spending way too much money in the market, drinking coffee and eating the most amazing lunch ever. All in all, a good day and a great little taste of Jamaica, I would definitely love to go back just for a trip there itself.



Our excursion SOUNDED more exciting then it really was, but it was something to do while there. Basically we got a tour of the town in a horse buggy, saw a church and got some nice ocean views.


After that it was time to eat a delicious lunch of jerk chicken and plantains! So so good, as I mentioned before. It was so tasty even our server just had to have a bite 🙂 And to finish lunch off? Some Blue Mountain coffee of course! Also very good.


The rest of the day was spent cruising around the marketplace and stores, trying not to overspend on all the fun items here. I am a sucker for touristy souvenirs and I came home with way too much after this place.


I really loved all the colors in this port! Jamaica feels like it is very vibrant, bright and full of life…and rum. But really, it was some where I had never been before. It was also SO HOT. Probably the most intense heat I had ever experienced, it took awhile to get adjusted too it. It is a good thing we were so close to the ocean!


All in all, the day was great but I wish we were able to see more of the real culture and place then just the port area. I will talk about this more in my next post, that will cap off the Caribbean series.

I really enjoyed my little taste of Jamaica and truly cannot wait to go back!

– xoxo Veronica 


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