To Store or To Sell…

that really is the question. I spent months agonizing over this. I love stuff, particularly MY stuff.  You see it’s just not an “item” to me. I have memories associated with everything of mine. My bookcase…it is not just a bookcase, it is the bookcase that I saved up months of my allowance for to buy. My dining table…that is the first housewarming gift my Dad got me for my apartment when I moved out on my own. That side table…well it was given to me from my mom’s co worker’s cousin’s friend…see where I am going?

While this is sweet, it has caused me to keep ALOT of “stuff” because of the memories that I have attached to all that stuff. And because of this, I have a hard time letting go of anything that I own. Even if it is just a rock that I cannot for the life of me remember why I have…(I did eventually toss the rock). So when it I made the choice to move to the UK for two years, I had some serious consideration in regards to my stuff. I have been living on my own or with roommates for over 5 years and so I have more than enough stuff to fill up at least a two bedroom apartment, right down to fine china for special occasions. This means that if I wanted to keep all of this stuff for when I come back, then I would have to rent a storage unit for it.

I thought that this was not an urgent decision anyway, so I had time to weigh the pros and cons. However, when I decided to move back to home to Lethbridge, I did have to make decisions about majority of the stuff, because I was not all going to fit into the bedroom I would be moving into, and Grandma’s storage unit (aka her basement) would only hold so much as well ( Thanks Grandma btw!). So ultimately, I decided to sell most of the big furniture items, donate anything I felt that I would not use ever again, gave useful house items to my roommates, and the rest I packed up and took with me.

The decision was made really quick and it ended up being fairly easy to make once under pressure. Financially, storing ALL of my stuff just made no sense and would end up being a waste of money. Most of the stuff that I wanted to store could easily be re purchased at a later point for much less then what renting a storage unit would cost, plus this would take away the stress of worrying about my stuff while I was away.

What I have learned from this step, was that even though I was emotional attachments to “stuff”, I can still keep that attachment while cleansing myself of the unnecessary items. I discovered the importance of ridding yourself of literal baggage through this, and how lighter you can feel afterwards. I also learned that the memories I have are much more important then the “stuff”.

xoxo Veronica


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