The Caribbean Cruise: Reflections

My first ever and (so far) only cruise! This is the last part in a multi-part series detailing my adventure on the Caribbean Sea! My friend Janna and I went on a Caribbean Cruise (after our crazy 2.5 day stint in Walt Disney World) in January 2013. We traveled with Royal Caribbean on a 4 nights cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale, with stops in Falmouth, Jamaica and Labadee,Haiti.



Well after four nights, two stops, many pub quizzes, naps and cocktails later, it was time to call it an end to our Caribbean Cruise adventure. I had nothing to compare it with, but overall I think it was a great cruise with just a few room for improvements.

What I Liked:

-The layout: Overall the cruise had a great layout, and was super easy to navigate around.
-The cabins: Small is too be expected, but the space was well utilized with lots of built in storage to enable you to keep the area tidy but still have easy access to your stuff. Also the beds, SO COMFY!
– The food: Oh the food. SO GOOD. This was for sure a highlight of the cruise. The best food was in the dining room, where we had dinner every evening. But all the dining options were delicious.
– The adult only pool area: As much as watching little kids run around can provide for cute entertainment, it was great to be able to relax in a quiet area with squishy seats for the afternoon.
– The cantilevered hot tubs: My favorite spot to read and chill out!
– The service: Without a doubt, the service was incredible. We were greeted by name within the first 30 minutes of arriving by our room attendant. Our food and beverage servers at dinner were sweethearts and were so much fun to talk too. And in general, all the staff were very courteous, professional and warm throughout our cruise.


What I Did Not Like: 

– The All You Can Eat: I understand that this is a BIG cruise draw, and that will never change, however I feel that so much food is wasted on these cruises because of this mentality. and that it could be within more control.
The ports: This might be different if I go on a different cruise, but the two particular ports that we stopped at, felt very fake (for lack of a better word) and purely designed for tourists. Again, I realize that this is their purpose. But I wish we were given the time to explore beyond the ports so I could see more of a cultural side of our destinations. Next time! As well, the port stops did give me just enough of a taste to make me want to go back, especially Jamaica!
– The Internet: The WiFi access was astronomically expensive and the internet cafe was not far behind. I just think in this day, internet access should be more available.
– The sale pitches: I felt a bit bombarded by all the time share and diamond and other such thing sale pitches that occurred. It got a bit overwhelming when we had to avoid walking along the promenade because of the pitches, or avoid going to shows because of them as well.


For next time, I want to take a longer cruise with different stops, and do some different activities on said stops. But all in all, it was a great cruise.

It was four fun filled nights, with some interesting stops along the way and to cap it off, we ended it with a bottle of Proseco and desserts in our favorite lounge!


It was a great ending to a great cruise! The most important thing was just enjoying the time together and getting to have a new adventure. It was so much fun and I am sure another cruise is in the future for me!

– xoxo Veronica 


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