The Europe Trip: An Overview

I have been avoiding posting about this trip…not because I do not want to share my adventures there but because how do you talk about a trip that quite literally changed your life? A trip that you can say was and still is the best two months you have ever had? The trip where you learned more about yourself in those two months then you ever did in your 18 years? I’m not sure you can. But I shall try…

This will be the first post in a new series I will have going that will feature a different destination or theme about this trip each post, because lets be honest I will never be able to shorten those two months in one post or even a few.

First things first, what did this Europe Trip entail?

Well it was shared between three gals who were each others rocks through the toughest years of high school. We were gone almost two months from March and April 2009. We visited 10 Countries. We took numerous train rides and three cheap flights. We drank galleons of Sunny D and lots of expensive water. We ate multiple loafs of bread, countless gelatos and one AMAZING authentic pasta dinner. We slept in numerous hostels, a few spare bedrooms of families, almost in a train station and one Parisian apartment!

We visited:

– Athens – Greece
– Rome, Florence, Pisa, Verona, Venice – Italy
– Carcassonne, Paris – France
– Barcelona, Madrid – Spain
– Geneva, Lucerne – Switzerland
– Salzburg – Austria
– Munich, Dachau, Fussen, Freudenstadt, Berlin – Germany
– Kinsale, Kilkenny, Dublin – Ireland
– Edinburgh, Inverness – Scotland
– Hartlepool, Durham, Liverpool, Oxford, Colchester, Dover, Windsor, London – England

Total Money I Spent: $5546.69 (including everything from water to souvenirs)


 So many adventures were shared. So many future stories to be told. So many friends met. It was priceless and filled with ever lasting memories. A journey that all started with a family tradition of Caitlin’s which led to her asking if I would join, I eventually said yes, and that led to asking Kailyn to join. Before we knew it, we were setting out on the adventure of our lives. Now I can’t wait to share The Europe Trip with all of you!

– xoxo Veronica 




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