Waiting, Researching & Dreaming

Well time passes, as it does. I am now at my six month mark before I embark on my UK adventure! What have I been doing exactly to make the past six months pass? Waiting, researching and dreaming.

There is nothing more tedious than waiting for time to pass. Especially when you have something so far away (or what seems so far but really will be here in no time) that you are so excited for, in the future. These past few months, I have found it hard to be focused in my present because I am so looking forward to the future. However, while I am waiting for time to pass, I am reminding myself that I should not be wasting the now, and am still finding ways to have lots of fun. I want to enjoy every moment with my loved ones before I go (even though I am sure I will see them within those two years) but I want to make the most of my now as well! 🙂IMG_20140910_190624

IMG_20140910_190606So most of my time spent waiting has been filled with plans for my two upcoming trips, as well as fun random activities like move nights, dinners out, parties, marathon training and good old random hangouts/stay awake overs 😛

In the meantime I have been doing loads and I mean LOADS of research about places to live (primarily London), budgets, jobs, and places to visit. I must have dozens of bookmarked pages on my computer, as well as word documents with tips and advice I have discovered. It is what I do, research something to the point of exhaustion. Which I think I have hit, considering I am now noticing that I have been re-reading articles and blogs half through the thing. Oh well, what is a girl to do. I even purchased a couple guide books as a bit of a treat for myself. I can read up on all the fun places to visit in Great Britain and Europe! Nothing like dreaming about future travels.

To be honest, I had started to look into ways that would enable me to leave sooner but I feel that it was more out of impatience and desperation that I would move up my departure date then actually wanting to. I like having time to process changes, especially really big changes. I do not want to leave sooner then I am mentally, emotionally and financially ready just because I am afraid something will happen in the waiting period to prevent me from going, or because I am frustrated with my life here. I want to be at peace with everything and everyone at home when I leave. I want to head out with full confidence in my step and with the certainty that this journey is where I should be.  I may never feel 100% right about my move, and I know that saying goodbye when the day comes will quite possibly be the most painful thing I have ever done, but in my heart, I believe that I will be at the most ready I could possibly ever be to set out on this adventure come April.

– xoxo Veronica


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