Santa Barbara Fishouse

So I have eaten at a fair amount of restaurants, or at least I would like to think so. When you travel with your dad who is a chef or another foodie, your trips tend to be a bit food-centric. Even though I do not plan on reviewing every restaurant that I eat at in my travels, there are a few that need special mentions because they are just so darn delicious!


Santa Barbara FisHouse is one of them. Located just along the beach in Santa Barbara, with a beautiful outdoor patio, it was impossible to resist for a last night dinner.


We started the dinner off with some delicious wines and fresh warm bread, always the best way to start off a dinner.


Next up was Grilled Artichoke served with Garlic Aioli and Drawn Butter! Something we always wanted to try and finally had the chance. It was SO DELICIOUS.


Our second appetizer was Steamed Mussels, always a good choice!

Now it was time for the entrees:


Dad had a delicious steak topped with prawns and an edible flower!


I had the Clam Linguine, it was SO SO GOOD. I would go back to Santa Barbara solely for this dish again.

To end the evening we had Banana Tarte Tatin for dessert!


This dinner was one of the best I have ever had. Sometimes there is nothing better then a delicious meal, and it really was the best way to end an awesome California vacation! 

– xoxo Veronica 


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