The Europe Trip: The Ferry Ride That Never Ends

Well when I left off last week, we were just finishing up our time in Greece and were ready to move to our next country, Italy!
Little did we know how much longer that would actually take then we thought.

Europe 1 070

In order to get there, we would have to take a ferry from Patra, Greece to Bari, Italy. The day started out as per backpacker life norm, we packed up our bags, said goodbye to Athens and headed to the train station in bright spirits only to discover that our train to Patra would be late, and so we now had four hours to to kill at the train station. While we were sitting at the station, we noticed that a couple beside us were flipping through their Lonely Planet Europe Guide like we were, yay other backpackers. However before we had a chance to say much, it was time to board the train which turned into a multi vehicle journey to get to Patra, it was very confusing to the three of us. But luckily that couple I just mentioned were seasoned backpackers and they helped guide us along the way right to the ferry port! Somewhere between the train and the busses to Patra, we introduced ourselves and got to know Kate and Chad just a bit, and we became fast friends.

We did eventually make it onto the ferry…only to discover that had a delay as well! There was a major repair going on and the new departure time was unknown. (Superfast right? :P) However there was nothing to be done about it and we boarded with our new friends and scoped out our beds for the night in the lounge area with reclining seats, which luckily we were upgraded too because of the lack of people on the ferry.

Europe 1 063

Since we knew we would be stuck here for an undetermined amount of time, we made the most of it and enjoyed the time spent relaxing, playing cards, catching up on sleep, and visiting with Kate and Chad.

Europe 1 068

Eventually land was in sight and we docked in Bari by 4:30pm. Sadly we had lost a full 24 hours on that ferry. So without waiting we headed to the train station in order to make it to Rome that night, but first we had our first Italian pizza and I got to try peach ice tea! After our dinner we were on the train and making our way to Rome. Finally.


It was only the beginning of the trip and I was quickly learning that things do not always go as planned, some things just end up out of your control, so you just have to go with it. We easily adjusted our plans and made the best of our situation. As well, you never know what good is coming to come from the unexpected. In this case, it was getting to meet Kate and Chad.

We will always be telling the story of our never ending ferry ride(or what seemed like it) because it  gave us some pretty good memories and was one of those unexpected adventures. It also taught me that sometimes a small roadblock or side road can lead to a pretty great something more than planned.


Next stop, The Eternal City!

– xoxo Veronica 


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