A Dream Future Travels List

I love dreaming about travels. Since I caught the travel bug, I have been dreaming about future travels non stop. Sometimes those dreams are smaller one – two week vacations, sometimes those dreams are epic month or longer plans. Sometimes they come to fruition, sometimes they do not. Half of the fun is the dreaming and so I will continue to dream up future travels probably for the rest of my life. And a big part of that fun, is sharing travel dreams with others. So here are four future travel plans that I have with four awesome people in my life.


Australia Backpacking with Caitlin

After Europe, we knew we wanted another backpacking adventure at some point in our lives. And what better place to have another adventure then Australia? With possibly an add on of New Zealand because, well Lord of the Rings nerd. As well, we have met more then a few Aussies in our travels and can’t wait to go visit them!

We know that we want to see a few of the main sights, such as Ayers Rock, The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House but the base of the trip will be travelling around to spend time with friends and catch up.


Eastern Seaboard Road Trip with Dad

After having so much fun on our first road trip that, it was not long before we were aready planning another one. So when thinking of where, we decided on the opposite side of the country then last time which would cover the eastern seaboard of the United States. The plan would be to fly into Boston, rent a car and drive down. Visit the New England areas, make a stop in Savannah and end off somewhere in Florida!

With only a few specific destination plans, I think this trip would be a lot of adventure driving until we find an interesting place to stop and visit, or a restaurant that sounds delicious, or anything that catches our eyes really. It will also feature plenty of opportunity to enjoy some delicious food of course. It has always been a dream of mine to see the New England area in the fall, so I hope we get a chance to take this trip during that season.


African Safari Trek with Mom

For along time, I have promied my mom that I would take her on an African Safari for her 50th birthday. And while that time lime may or may not work out, this is a trip that I cannot wait to make happen. There are so many options for this adventure that require making a tough decision. Will it be a luxury safari like this one? Or something more on the basic side like this one? Where would we chose to visit? What kind of camera should we get? What time of year should we go? A lot of decisions to make but getting to research all the options is a ton of fun.

I think this would be the ultimate adventure to share with my mom and a once in a lifetime experience. I know we would treasure it forever.


A this and that Asia Adventure with Janna

If there is one thing for certain it is that Janna and I usually have at least one if not two or three future travel plans in  the making. One of those is currently a major adventure in store featuring time in China, Japan and Bali!

This came about from my original RTW trip plan, and Janna decided to come and meet me on that side of the world. We even went as far as putting a deposit on a tour in China! But some things did not fall into place, and we so we are saving this for the future. But this adventure will include a tour in China covering a few of the highlights, a visit to Tokyo to find Godzilla and experience the incredible culture, and a relaxing week in Bali, soaking up the sun, practicing yoga and being awed by the temples.


I do hope that all of these travels happen. After all, any plans can come true with the right dedication. However, dreaming and researching them is almost just as much fun anyway!

– xoxo Veronica

**Photos are not my own, click on image to link to original source.


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  1. I would like to point out: Hurray for Godzilla Hunting!!!, also you forgot to mention Disneyland Hong Kong and Tokyo ❤ If I'm there I'm going. They're the only two I have left

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