Princess in Training…Frozen Style

It has been almost 10 weeks since my first post on training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon and the good news is, it has been going well. I will be honest and admit that sticking exactly to the training schedule has not gone as planned. In a perfect world, training would be my only focus in my life right now and I would only be working one job instead of two. However I am making the best of the situation and running when I can. At the very least Caitlin and I make sure to go every Sunday morning for our long distance run. At this point, we have ran up to 13km!

This was my first 13 km and of course it was during Lethbridge’s first big snowfall and cold snap! Talk about frozen! I usually avoid going out in the cold weather, it is much more common to find me curled up with a blanket, book and tea in front of some form of a heater. However, I was determined to go running in this weather, if anything just to prove a point to myself. As well, the thought of running 65 laps around the same indoor track, sounded much worse then running in the cold. Caitlin felt the same. So without further ado we bundled up and braced the cold for the next 13 km.

Boy was it cold! However, it was not as horrible as I was expecting, just a bit strange. We did have a lot of fun distracting ourselves with creating Frozen themed hash tags to attach to our running selfie afterwards. Before we knew it, we finished the loop and were back inside bundled up and getting warm. It will certainly be easier to head out next time, but maybe I will be a bit more prepared with some winter running gear!

Frozen Run

Team #notabeautypageant goes #frozen #thecoldneverbotheredusanyway #iwantawarmhug #letsbuildasnowman


Well we are in week 13 of the training, over half way done with only 12 weeks left to go until half marathon day! Still feeling really good about the decision to run this, and quite excited for it to be here! I am also really excited about the fact that we will be running the half in the warmth of Florida sunshine.

– xoxo Veronica 


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