The Europe Trip: A Pisa Side-Trip & a Laundry Disaster

We took a half day trip to Pisa, which is perfect really. It is really easy to stay in Florence and take a quick train jaunt to Pisa for a few hours and then head back.We took the typical photos of the tower and then enjoyed the market that was nearby and did some souvenir shopping for our friends and family back home.


After our fun in Pisa, we headed back to our sweet hostel in Florence. Now just for fun sake, it would be fair to tell you about some of the unfortunate times on our journey, which have now become funny stories. (Also, I did promise last time that I would tell you)

We got back later then planned and our dinner plans fell through. We had a really hard time finding anywhere to eat and after awhile we just gave up. Resorting ourselves to snacks for dinner. We also decided it was time to do our laundry, which happened to be in a cellar off the grounds of the hostel. So it was a little bit sketchy to begin with. Then of course, we ended up breaking the dryer, and so were stuck ringing out clothes to attempt to get most of the water out and then packing up wet clothes as well to carry around for the next day. But we did make a couple friends from our night adventures and were able to share a funny story with them.

The point is, a trip like this has bad moments. It is bound too. Who knew the dryer would break on us? I felt pretty low on this night, (I get really upset when I don’t get food :P) But a quick call to my dad and making some new friends, brought the evening around. Now when we re tell this story, it is usually interrupted by laughter.

– xoxo Veronica 


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