Packing for a Beach Vacation

I LOVE packing for a trip. I typically spend at the very least the week (but lets be honest, the month) before the trip making a list, gathering all the items on the list, and then packing and re packing until everything is perfect. If I do not get a chance to prep beforehand, packing becomes a chaotic disaster and provides a stressful start to the trip. So I NEVER leave packing for the night before. At the worst case scenario, I have packed during the day, on the day before the trip. But 24 hours is cutting it really close for me.

I have packed for all sorts of trips so far; backpacking in Europe, road trip, cruise, camping across Canada etc but I never packed for a vacation that is focused on spending time at the beach and the pool in a destination with almost guaranteed sunshine and heat. So I started my Mexico vacation packing list quite awhile back because this was a first.


I always go by day per day of what I want to wear, I find this easier to narrow down on my choice of clothes. (Of course, this does not apply to anything over a two week holiday). So far it has been the easiest trip to pack for, as I plan to wear nothing but sun dresses and bathing suits! However, I am finding it odd to not have packed for multiple seasons, and to not be packing clothing for the purpose of layers. So I really feel like I am forgetting some items on my list.


But I think I have a pretty good handle on it. First up is my carry on. I got this gorgeous Roots bag from Caitlin as a birthday present, and I use it as my carry on for all my trips. It is so pretty to look at and it fits  a lot! As you can see, for this trip my carry on consists of my travel blanket and pillow (I have had this since Europe, it is super handy and cozy), an activity book, a journal, quick fix make up, cards, Versace sunglasses <3, travel wallet, Kindle and my new I-pad!

What is not shown here is my new camera, a Nikon L380.  This will be my first trip with this camera. I am not a huge photographer by any means, so I went with a simple camera with lots of features vs a DSLR. We will see how well this works out!


Then ofcourse is all my essential toiletries, sunscreen and make up! This is also a new toiletry case, I finally found one that folds up into a square rather then rolls out. So far, so good!


And lastly is my actual suitcase. Look at all those summer dresses! 🙂 I probably overpacked, but there you have it. I have summer dresses, bathing suits and a couple nicer dresseses for going out etc. As well my beach hat! I always over pack, but I like to have lots of options. Can’t wait!

Any suggestions for must haves in my suitcase for a beach vacation?

– xoxo Veronica

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