The Europe Trip: Lovely Verona

Our last major stop in Italy was the lovely Verona, home of Juliette’s Balcony. It seemed that the trains were not usually on our side while in Italy, so our travels to Verona were just one of many chaotic trips.Europe 1 167

By the time we got there we were getting ready to move onto a new country so we only spent one night here. So after finding our hostel, which was again in a lovely villa, we wandered around for awhile and stumbled upon Juliette’s balcony!


You could really tell that people were into getting some luck from Juliette as shown by her faded left breast. Verona.6
And of course, we had to leave our make on the tunnel.


After our tour around, we headed back to the hostel to re do our laundry with a working dryer this time! It took awhile, but eventually everything was all washed, dried and smelling clean. We were ready to move on.


Our next stop was Carcassonne France, but first, a short layover in Venice.

xoxo Veronica




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