Mazatlan So Far!

Well hello from Mazatlan, Mexico and Merry Christmas! The past few days have been a mix of lovely and interesting to say the least. But as this is just a quick drop in post, I will save the interesting stories for later. For the most part, my days so far have consisted of sun, swimming, pina coladas, reading and the beach.

Oh and of course waking up to views like this…



The weather has been perfect. The temperature is hot but because we are literally on the beach, the breeze from the ocean keeps it comfortable. As shown from above, the scenery is beautiful. Overall the hotel has been great, but there is room for improvement, expect a full review later as promised. But for the most part, the staff have been very friendly and wanting to accommodate. We have made a few friends among the staff because it is a smaller hotel, so I have enjoyed that aspect. Interestingly enough, the guests at the hotel itself have been locals looking for a weekend getaway, and a professional football league doing some pre season training, I have only seen one other tourist family.

One thing I already wish I had done differently, was brush up on my Spanish. I took it for three years in high school, and then lost it afterwards as I did not continue the learning. So I really wish that I had at least brushed up on it because what keeps happening is that i can listen to the conversation but I cant pick up on the words quick enough to translate, I just get flashes of what is being said but then lose it. Or I will remember random words suddenly and burst them out loud…such as the other night when a cat came into the lobby while I was at the front desk, so I shouted “EL GATO” and then got a look and a laugh. I was just happy I knew what it was haha. But I believe that is is always best to at least attempt the language being spoken in whatever country you are in, it means a lot to everyone and you get to learn along the way!


Onto some really goood stuff, the FOOD OMG. SO DELICIOUS. So refreshing and just yummy. Lots of seafood and guacamole. And SO CHEAP. It is astounding how cheap the food and drinks are around here. So that has been great, yum yum.


Overall, I have enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere, sitting by the pool and enjoying the sound of the waves. It has put me in state of peace which has made it easy to forgot the troubles of home, which I suppose is what a vacation is all about!

More on the rest of my time in Mazatlan later. Merry Christmas to you all 🙂

xoxo Veronica


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