The Europe Trip: Importance of Rest

By the time we left Italy, we were exhausted. Too many early mornings/late nights, only staying in one place for max two nights, lots of travelling and moving around etc. Needles to say, we were burning out way to quickly on our adventure and it was time to take a break. So we decided to take that rest in Carcassone France. It was time to just relax somewhere where we could sleep in, only do a couple hours of sight seeing and spend the rest of the time just hanging out.

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Carcassone was a great choice, which I will tell you about how awesome it was in the next post. But my point for today is a reminder that it is really easy to get caught up in going as fast and as hard as you can on an adventure like this, to “see” as much as you can. But if you are a zombie while seeing it all, then I do not think it is quite the same experience or worth it.

As I am writing these blog posts, I am going through the journal that I wrote back then. I noticed that my entries were getting a bit on the “all I want is sleep, today was so hard” side but then the ones from our break were filled with a lot more enthusiasm. Apparently rest was much needed!

So remember to take a break every now and then. Find a place that lets you chill out and stay there for awhile. That is what we did in Carcassone. Do not underestimate the value of sleep either. Getting only three hours of sleep in a hostel and then telling yourself that catching quick naps on trains will balance it out, does not actually equate to good nights rest.


We learned quickly and the hard way the importance of rest, luckily only a couple weeks into the trip. So our plan of attack would be a little bit better for the remainder.

– xoxo Veronica



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