The Europe Trip: Carcassone is Awesome!

K683 (92)

After another hectic train (s) journey, we finally made it to Carcassone, France. We decided to travel here because of a suggestion from one of Caitlin’s older sisters who had gone here on her Europe Trip. As I said in my last post, we were looking for a place where we could just rest for a few days. This turned out to be a great spot just for that! The hardest part of our time here turned out to be simple climbing the hill that led to the Cité de Carcassonne, which was where our hostel was located.

K683 (15)

Once we made it up the hill, and into the fortress, we quickly found our hostel which was very comfortable. The rest of the first day ended with a delicious meal in a tavern and then off for a wonderful nights rest with NO ALARM for the morning. We stayed in Carcassone for three nights to give ourselves that break.

K683 (41)

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In those three days, we got to have some touristy fun around the medevial city, relax with some delicious ice cream, see the local wildlife, get lots of sleep, and we even joined a dance party that students in the hostel were hosting. We got to learn some of their dances and we taught them (sorta) how to line dance.

Carcassone.5 Carcassone.22 Carcassone.25

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This was also where we met our second Australian friend, Kevin, or who became later our adopted Grandpa Kevin. This would not be our first run in with him either. He needed help working a tricky vending machine, and Caitlin came to the rescue. A friendship was formed and we spent a lovely evening chatting in the kitchen.

This was also the first hostel we had stayed at that had a kitchen, and we discovered the joy of making our own meals, grocery shopping in a different country, and getting to eat some wholesome food while saving some money. This is a trend that would continue for the rest of the trip.

 K683 (88)

As you can see we had a lot of fun in Carcassone. If you love quirky places (that yes cater to tourists) then go here! We came here at the perfect point in our trip, we were able to slow down, have some fun and be refreshed for the next jaunt, which starts with Barcelona!

 – xoxo Veronica


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