The Europe Trip: Fun in Barcelona

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Our next stop on this adventure was Barcelona, Spain. Caitlin and I were pretty excited to head to Spain so we could see how well three years of high school Spanish classes had paid off. Apparently it was not well enough to prevent us from ordering a blue cheese pasta, but we would learn from there. The day getting to Barcelona was spent train hopping all around little towns, (anything to avoid having to pay the supplement fees) and so we officially arrived around 7:30pm. Caitlin and I got to test out our Spanish again when asking for directions to our hostel, which paid off well and soon we were at our hostel making friends with our room mates.

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Our first day in Barcelona, we basically wandered Las Ramblas street and got suckered into all the tourists traps that it holds. Including all those” moving statues”.Learning from the past couple weeks, we took today easy. After walking around Las Ramblas, we wandered the marina and then found a fun little square with tons of pigeons that we could chase. We also wandered to La Sagrada Familia, but the crowd convinced us to gaze upon and then move on. After that it was time to head back to cook up a yummy dinner and make some phone calls home.

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Our second day in Barcelona bloomed bright and so we decided to head to the city beach. After a tour of the harbour, stopping to hear a lovely choir, we made it. It was to cold to swim in but we did dip our toes, take some pictures, played in the sand and toured around.

Barcelona.27 Barcelona.17 Barcelona.16

After lunch we headed to the Barcelona Aquarium and HAD SUCH A BLAST. At first, we did not want to spend the money on it, as it was pricey, but it was one of those times that every penny was worth it. We got to see such fun creatures and just had the most awesome experience. Including the section that had a moving floor and was all glass walls, we may have back tracked to “ride” this a few times. Then we ended this great day with cotton candy.

Barcelona.32 Barcelona.33

We may have not seen as much as you possibly could in Barcelona, including missing out on some big items, but we had so much fun and we just enjoyed the few activities we did do to the fullest. The day at the aquarium is still one of my favorite days out of the whole Europe Trip.

– xoxo Veronica 


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