My Time in Mazatlan


Well I have been back for a few weeks since my vacation in Mazatlan and thought perhaps it was time to tell you about it.

I enjoyed the time I spent at the resort, it was fun getting to walk along the ocean, relax by the pool and read, and enjoy some good food and tequila (even when it is in coffee!)

DSCN0169 DSCN0167

DSCN0173 DSCN0185

I enjoyed just spending time around the property as well (sometimes with a fresh coconut in hand), everything was so lovely. And the turtle hatchery was a great experience! We got to release new born sea turtles, and watch them on their journey in the wide ocean world.  We even got to see some other wildlife as well, like a giant iguanna and the hotel’s adopted cat (or el gato). Also, I did join my family golfing on Christmas Day, it was tiring but still fun, and got some good practice in (I am terrible at golfing).

DSCN0299 IMG_20141225_193959



But, eventually, we started to feel secluded on the resort and so we headed into the city of Mazatlan a few times.

We went downtown to see the Cathedral, and we also headed to the “Golden Zone” which was where most of the other resorts were. This was where we went shopping, visited the aquarium and went para-sailing!  Overall, our time is the city was OK. I was a bit underwhelmed to be honest, and at time it was just to chaotic. For the first time, I found myself wanting to be at the resort, then exploring a city. But there were some really fun moments, like para-sailing of course.  And the second time in the city was much better then the first. Never underestimate confidence and the power of a map. As well, we got to have some more chill time, like grabbing some chips, coke bottles and sitting by a fountain the middle of a roundabout people watching. However, I do not think I would go back, I would rather visit another city in Mexico.

DSCN0206 DSCN0203

Spending Christmas away from home was hard. I think it is because it was my first Christmas away, and as I said before, Christmas is all about traditions for me. So being away from those traditions was a difficult. We did have a few of them, such as a Christmas tree, stocking in the morning, and Christmas dinner but it did not feel like Christmas, and I missed the rest of my family alot. I know this will be a trial for me in future Christmases to come. Luckily, everyone is just a skype or face time away!

On a brighter note, my favorite times were honestly relaxing by the pool, sometimes there was even live music (ha ha). It really put me in a state of peace. Some of my other favorite things was waking up to an ocean view, the ocean in general (look at those waves!) and of course, the beautiful sunsets.







And one of the best parts of this trip was getting to know some of the hotel staff really well. We spent our second last night at the clubhouse, being the only ones there, so we offered for the bartenders and servers to sit down and visit with us. We all had lots of fun chatting, especially with our favorite bartender(Sam) who was really neat and nice to get to know. It was great getting to hear about their lives and experiences, and stories. As well, learn some more Spanish.


It was a really good vacation. The best part was spending it with my mom and step dad. It was wonderful for me to see them outside of their home comforts, out exploring and enjoying another culture. I hope that they have been bitten by the travel bug! Our first vacation of many I do hope!

– xoxo Veronica


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