The Europe Trip: Lovely Madrid

Europe 1 240

As much fun as  I had in Barcelona, I LOVED Madrid. I would love to go back here and just relax for a few days. It was a beautiful, beautiful city with a much nicer pace to it then Barcelona (so I found anyway.)

Our journey from Barcelona to Madrid was fairly smooth, and we easily made our way to a rather sweet hostel on this stay. For the first afternoon, we just wandered around the streets near our hostel and stumbled upon a book market, where Caitlin and I proceeded to bargain over a set of books with vendor, struggling with our Spanish, only for him to speak impeccable English after we had paid! He was testing us, which turned out to be a lot of fun. I am sure he appreciated our efforts ha ha and we appreciated him letting us try.

K683 (103) K683 (104) Europe 1 245

We also came across some live performers on the street where our hostel was located, pretty cool. We did some shopping for basic items, in a department store. I really enjoy going into grocery stores and  department stores in other countries just to see what items are the same and which ones are different.

Once we made it back to our hostel we discovered Kevin, our Australian friend from Carcassonne in the common room. How crazy was that! So after catching up, we invited him to spend the the next day with us on a tour of Madrid.

292 290 282

And so the next morning we headed off to the Royal Palace with Kevin , and enjoyed touring the beautiful but also overwhelming grounds. There was just so much to see there. After that we decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing in this beautiful park, and enjoying the architecture of Madrid. Overall it was another enjoyable lovely day where we got to appreciate the few things we did see to the fullest.

Europe 1 235 Europe 1 229

I hope I get to return to Madrid soon!Europe 1 243

– xoxo Veronica


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