The Europe Trip: The Early Bird Gets the Worm

…or how we got to Switzerland.

So when I last left you, we had just enjoyed a lovely two days in Madrid, feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Then we got the news that in order to get to Geneva in a day and avoid paying a ridiculous supplement fee, we would have to get up by 4am to be on the earliest train possible. Ugh. Well transit did not run that early, so looks like we were also taking a taxi to the train station- thus far my biggest irrational fear in a foreign country (thank you ridiculous Hollywood movies).

We knew we would literally be spending ALL day on trains, so we went grocery shipping for sustenance. Including a six pack of Sunny D. A loaf of bread to make PB&J sandwiches and salami sandwiches. A litre of water each. Some crisps and other goodies. When know you are going to be really tired, food is the key to keeping up your energy.

So after an uneasy and restless sleep, the day dawned, and after a struggle in the morning with a sick Kailyn, we safely made it to the train station and waited for it to open. We literally were the first people there.

K683 (107)

Then we were on our first train,and so progressed the day while we ate our goodies. Eventually we made it to the last train, which we happily got on and then started jabbering about Geneva….well lucky we did because the lady next to us pointed out that we were on the wrong train! The train that would take us right back to where we just came from. AH!

Sometimes in the train station, they are two trains next to eachother and we did not realzie that it was two different trains so we quickly made our way to the one to Geneva and basically tucked in for the rest of the right, as were so exhausted at this point. The train conductor did not even bother us for our passes, we looked that much like zombies.

297 295

Then FINALLY we made it to Geneva, around 11:30pm. Only to realize the hostel we had planned on staying at was fully booked (one of those times that making reservations would pay off) but luckily the receptionist there was friendly enough to call a hostel around the corner and ask them to hold a room for us. So within the hour we were ready to be tucked into bed and fast asleep.


This was our 21st day on this trip, and what a way to spend it! It was our choice of course, but we wanted to save as much money as possible, so a almost 20 hour train journey was the choice we made. And now, it turns into a fun story to tell everyone!

– xoxo Veronica


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