Packing for Disney

Disclaimer: This packing post does NOT feature the likes of a light packer in the slightest…


Another packing list! This time for a Disney vacation in February, in Florida. So needless to say the weather is much nicer then what it is at home, but it still not as hot as Mexico, so I had to meet in the middle this time around. As well, with the idea that I would be in a theme park with lots of rides, so perhaps a bit more attire was required other then dresses and swim suits 😛 So without further ado…

Carry On 


Ipad, Kindle, Camera, Chargers, Journal, Pillow, PJS, Quick Fix Make Up items, and my classic word search book. 

My last trip, I only took the one carry on bag because it was my first time travelling with my I-pad, and I did not realize how much that impacted the weight and room availability in my carry on bag. It was REALLY heavy, and it was a struggle to zip up. So I am taking two carry on bags this time around. My bag and a side sling purse. One to fit all my electronics and one to fit my typically carry on items.



All the basics, my favorite jewelry, plus some extras like a peppermint foot soak for after the race! 

My toiletry bag was GREAT for Mexico. It fit all I needed and I love that it zipped up into a square instead of rolled up. So much easier to use around the hotel and keep organized (for me anyway). Surprisingly, yes all this does fit in here but it is a tight squeeze this time around, so I think for next trips I will separate my make up, jewelry and hair stuff from my regular toiletries.


Running gear for pre -marathon runs.

Running gear for pre -marathon runs.

Disney Items: Minnie Ears, Walking Shoes, "Glass Slipper" to be signed and Tote Bag to be signed.

Disney Items: Minnie Ears, Walking Shoes, “Glass Slipper” to be signed and Tote Bag to be signed.

Park Clothes: Capris, Tights, Tank Tops, Sweaters and Dresses.

Park Clothes: Capris, Tights, Tank Tops, Sweaters and Dresses.

Pjs & Swim Suits

Pjs & Swim Suits

The key here was to think practical for an amusement park. I plan to ride every ride and we will be walking around from dawn till dusk pretty much so it was mostly about caprices, tights, comfy dresses and shirts. As well as layers. The most I will be getting dressed up for is our luncheon of Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian.


Are you noticing a trend with me? I tend to over pack if I have a bag large enough to allow me to do that, which I almost always do. Even on my Europe trip, I had a 70L backpack with me that was filled to the brim.
I plan to work on this a bit when I travel around this time, I am purchasing a carry on size backpack that will FORCE me to pack lighter for my trips around Europe and other destinations. (Of course, this does not include the BIG pack for moving to the UK – stay tuned for that post)

But you can’t change your habits in a day, so for this Disney trip, I am over packing and will certainly be coming back with more. But that is OK! At the end of the day, it is your trip, and your suitcase so if  you want to over pack, then I say don’t stress about it. You will learn to live with it while there and the truth is, if you are someone who needs the kitchen sink and you will feel better having it packed well then such is life!

– xoxo Veronica 

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