The Europe Trip: A Hazy Day in Geneva

I don’t remember much of Geneva…not that it was not a lovely place to be, but we were in such a daze from the crazy day of travelling before that it was hard to be focused. What I do remember is it was very clean, the lake was beautiful, the money was colorful, we ate super expensive hot dogs, visited a museum with a million floors of taxidermy animals and saw live mannequins. That about sums it up. Oh and the hostel we stayed at was really nice as well, I wrote in my journal that it had the most amazing shower on this trip yet, so that must count for something right?

Maybe one day I will go back and be able to remember everything I did without a tired mist over the memories! For now however, I do have photos to look at to help…

304 303 300 Europe 1 256298

Europe 1 259

I would actually love to go back, it looks so beautiful. And if I am recalling correctly, a lot of the sights to see were free to partake in, so that is always a bonus. Short post today, I really do wish I had more to say about this stop! However, I will have more to say about our next stop, which was Lucerne!

– xoxo Veronica 


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