Princess in Training: Here We Go!

Well the Disney Princess Half Marathon is 18 days away!

When I last left you, it was still quite a few weeks away and we had just finished a very frozen run. Well after that, an unexpected roadblock came for me in the form of a tight IT band and hip flexors. I found out, this is a very common runners injury caused by some preventable factors and some unpreventable. So even though it freaked me out a bit, it did not mean I was broken. What it DID mean was that my training was switched to pool training aka aqua jogging, new running shoes to match my pronated feet and physio sessions.

All of that went well enough, aqua jog is actually pretty fun! It was (and still is) a learning process for me, and I have been introduced to a world of new knowledge like never before. I now know things about my muscles that fascinate me! The muscles are doing better then before, however I do have to take it easier then planned for the race.

The new goal is just to have fun and finish. After all it is my first half marathon AND it is a Disney race, so I do not want to be disheartened and take it too seriously. It will be about having fun, experiencing a first with my best friend, and getting to wear some pretty fun tutus which are being made from this….


You will have to wait and see what characters the tutus will represent. Any guesses?

Stay tuned to hear about my Disney Princess Half Marathon experience!

– xoxo Veronica 


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