The Europe Trip: Adorable Lucerne

Europe 1 265

Our next stop was Lucerne Switzerland, which was our initial purpose in coming to Switzerland. Now that were recovered from our crazy train journey, we were able to arrive in Lucerne, alert and ready to enjoy.

It was an ADORABLE place to visit. We stayed right next to the lake with a lovely view from our hostel window. We got to play with the swans, who adored getting their picture taken. We got to kind of see a travelling circus. And we got to just walk around and enjoy all the quiseential touristy things. I remember a really fun shopping area that was all cobbled streets and cute shops. Our time in Lucerne was perfect! Despite how expensive Switzerland is, this was a great stop.

Europe 1 290 Europe 1 289 Europe 1 284 Europe 1 281 Europe 1 280 Europe 1 276 Europe 1 275 Europe 1 268 Europe 1 267

We could only really manage the one stop here in Switzerland (even if we did sneak in Geneva) because of the price but Lucerne is a great choice for anyone. Friendly people, beautiful scenery and a really great atmosphere!

– xoxo Veronica


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