The Europe Trip: The Sound of Music in Salzburg

Europe 1 327
Our next stop on this adventure was Salzburg, Austria. I will be entirely honest here and say that we were going because we wanted to go on a Sound of Music Tour.

K683 (115)

The train ride to Salzburg introduced us to the chilliest weather we had seen yet with a lot of snow! Definitely a bit of a shock from Madrid, where we were walking around in summer clothes in the sunshine.

Our hostel stay in Austria was pretty nice, with one of the best breakfasts we have ever had as well. We got up bright and early and were picked up in a small van with four other people heading off on the tour. The next thing we knew we were singing along to the soundtrack and travelling to all the sights featured in the movie:

K683 (123) K683 (125) K683 (132) K683 (133)

Europe 1 307 Europe 1 314 Europe 1 321

We also stopped along the way at this delicious little bistro for some soup and strudel! It was a great way to end the tour. Once were back in Salzburg, we wandered around the town enjoying some of the other sights, eating the biggest pretzel ever, and then getting completely drenched when it started to rain!

Europe 1 335 Europe 1 336 Europe 1 341 Europe 1 345

K683 (118) Salzburg (14) Europe 1 334

The night was capped off by watching The Sound of Music at our hostel and drinking “Edelweiss” cocktails as we re hashed the day and got ready for our next journey, into Germany!

Salzburg (17)

I really enjoyed Salzburg and would love to go back in the summer. As well, I really want to see more of Austria, it seemed like such a lovely country.

Рxoxo Veronica 


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