The Europe Trip: Lost in Munich

Munich (3)

Even though we stayed in Munich for a few nights, we only spent one afternoon in the actual city. After checking into our hostel, our original plan was to find the science museum for something different to do, however we took a wrong turn somewhere and could not find our way back so instead we stumbled onto a Marienplatz that held lots of shopping, pretty architecture and delicious pastries! Once again proving that sometimes a wrong turn can lead to something great.


Europe 1 359

Europe 1 360

We also enjoyed delicious noodle cups for 1 Euro from this little Asian store next door to our hostel. Yum and cheap dinner, hah. As well, this was the first time that we never did meet our hostel roommate. We just saw his luggage (Star Wars themed!) when we went to bed and he was gone the next morning, kind of funny.

Munich (4)

Europe 1 360

The rest of our stays in Munich were spent taking a day trip to Daccahu (which I do not have the power to write about unlike some other bloggers who do it so eloquently but if you have the chance to visit, do.) And then a day trip to Fussen to see the Neschwanstein Castle. In between here we enjoyed a night in the hostel pub dancing and drinking with some friends we had made.

All in all Munich was a variety of fun and learning. Maybe next time I will see more of Munich itself. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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