The Europe Trip: Surprises in Freudenstadt

Europe 1 382

We knew when while we were in Germany, we wanted to visit somewhere in the Black Forest region. I was always fascinated by it ever since I was a little girl, I am not sure why. So we flipped through our guidebook and just picked a place at random, we ended up choosing Freudenstadt.

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Now you have already heard me talk of some of our crazy train journeys on this trip but this was definitely one of the most interesting train days. We had to wait around for our trains a couple of times, and when we FINALLY got on our last train, we got on the wrong one and went back in the direction we just came from (we did have anyone to help us out like last time in Switzerland ha), so we went back to the train station (tracks featured above) and spent another hour or so waiting there again this time for the right time.

When we finally got into Freudenstadt, we were very much confused on how to find our hostel, but after a few minutes of confusion, a young woman came over and asked us if we needed help. We quickly explained where we were looking for and well she offered to walk us right to our hostel! Then throughout our walk, she decided to offer to show us around her town the next day, how nice was that.  So the story here is that even though it was a pain to wait for those trains, if we had not missed that one train we would not have been on the same train to meet Johaenna, and her friendship would have been one we would have been sorry to miss!

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The next day Johaenna met us at our hostel and showed us around her town, including a bit of a walk through the forest, a tour around the markets and topped off with treating us to some delicious black forest cake. The tour was great, the conversation was great, and we had a lot of fun.

Europe 1 396

The rest of the day was filled with some shopping and then later that evening we went to the local swimming pool which was SO COOL. Electronic bracelets, crazy change rooms, ten different kind of pools, an outdoor heated pool, and and beautiful views of the area. It was all very neat!


Also, we visited a candy store with an entire wall of GUMMY BEARS. They had different flavors and different sizes. That was too much fun.

Freudenstadt was one of our random little stops that no one quite understood why we were there for. It was a tiny town, and we were literally the only visitors there. We were so popular that an old lady came to see in the morning at our hostel, as she had heard about our visit from Johaenna’s family through the grapevine and she wanted to see us off. Really how cool is that! I still get warm fuzzies when I think of our time in this quaint little town and Joaheanna’s kindness.

– xoxo Veronica


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