The Europe Trip: Meeting up in Berlin

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I loved Berlin! It was so full of history around every corner. Every second fascinated me. Every building drew my attention. I wish we had more time here. We really only saw the historical tourist side of Berlin, and I know there are so many other sides to see.

Also while we were in Berlin, the Berlin Marathon was going on so that was a sight to see!

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So what did we all see in Berlin? The Berlin Wall, The Jewish Museum, Brandenburg Gates, Reichstag, Book Burning Memorial, and Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial.

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Another reason I loved Berlin? We had our coolest hostel room mate on this trip. Justin, the American. We played a few tricks on each other before our actual meeting, involving leaving Canadian (from us) or American (from him) items around the hostel so that we each knew each other’s ground. But over all, we had a lot of fun hanging out and visiting and getting to know a really neat person!


And the last reason I loved Berlin? I got to meet two cousins of mine from my paternal Grandmother’s side. We got in touch through email at the beginning of the trip and eventually were able to make plans to meet in Berlin, it was a beyond cool experience. Plus they got to show us around Berlin and we had so much fun. This is something I would never trade for the world.


Half of this trip ended up being about the people we met. That is what I remember more then anything else.

Berlin was great, I say this over and over again, but I really really want to go back here!

Next stop, PARIS!

– xoxo Veronica 



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