A Whirlwind Disney Trip

Well I have been back from Disney World for just a bit over a week now. All unpacked but still going through photos and already reminiscing about the good times. How was my “Around the Disney World in 9 Days” ?


It was a BLAST! The five of us had such a great time, lots of laughs and memories made. But man was it BUSY. I thought the 9 days would be enough but it still was not enough to do everything we wanted to do in all the parks. We all wish we had two weeks, just so we could do everything we wanted to do but still have days in between to rest and relax.

In the next few weeks, I will detail more about the time spent in parks and of course, the race, as well add in my reviews. But for the time being here are some little tidbits and highlights from our adventure down to Orlando.

Our flight down was chaotic, I am not sure if I will fly American Airlines ever again. Two of us did not even have a seat until boarding, had never experienced that before and it was stressful.  However, on the plus side, we had a super smooth layover, one that I was really stressed out about and it turned into a relaxing dinner at TGIF!.  Lastly, turns out the “free” add in Expedia hotels can sometimes be a bit ghetto.

However, our Disney World hotel, Saratoga Springs was amazing! Everything was pretty much perfect for our stay here, it was hard to leave, and I will have a really hard time going back to value resorts now 😉


We spent the first day exploring Downtown Disney, eating delicious butter chicken from a food truck in their new food truck area, and doing some pre trip shopping. Then made a delicious dinner with our delivered groceries and played card games. It was nice to spend the first day relaxing because…


the rest of the trip was SO busy with visiting Universal and all the Disney parks and then the Half Marathon. Expect to hear more about all that in detail soon.

Photo 2015-02-16, 9 09 11 AM

– xoxo Veronica


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