Remembering Family

This post is a bit of a break from The Europe Trip, even if it pertains to it, and it has a different mood. It really is more for me then anything else, but for those reading it, I hope you see the importance of my message.

Last week, I wrote about how in Berlin, I got the chance to meet two of my cousins. It was an incredible experience getting to share that day with them, and we continued to keep in contact after the trip as well, making plans to visit again.

A couple years ago, Konstantine passed away unexpectedly. Even though I was never very close to him, and we only spent a few hours together, I still miss him. I hold our time together very dearly, and it is all the more precious because.

I feel that it was important to me to write this post, perhaps because my memories if Berlin do not feel complete without this loss and perhaps because I want to honor his memory. I debated over whether to include this or not, I don’t want to bring anyone down of course, but it happened and I feel like glossing over the truth would be wrong.  As well, it makes the time there that more special and it is a reminder of how important it is to seize opportunities in life and spend time with people when you have the chance.


Sergei and Konstantine

Konstantine, it was wonderful getting to know you even just for a little bit, thank you for making our time in Berlin so special.  You are missed.

– xoxo Veronica



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