The Europe Trip: Paris!


Ah Paris. The City of Lights.

I dreamed about visiting Paris ever since I was a little girl. I finally got to go in grade 11 on our Vimy Ridge school trip. And as amazing as it was, it was such a whirlwind time that I felt like I missed out on Paris, and I was not as in love with it as I thought.

Europe 2 052

Then we went back on the Europe trip and stayed for an ENTIRE week. The reason we were able to do this? A cousin of Caitlin’s had a friend who gave us her apartment while we were there. I kid you not, we showed up after a long train ride, met up with her cousin, went to their local pub for a fun night of visiting, met up with the girl who offered to let us stay (we thought she was just offering free floor space – which was awesome enough) and instead she showed us to her apartment, handed us her keys and said she was going to visit her parents for the week and the place was ours. We tried to offer her money, food anything, she had none of it. Sometimes you honestly come across the most genuinely nice people in life. It was so awesome.

Europe 2 103

So because of this free accommodation we decided to stay the week and live like Parisians. We shopped at the local stores and markets, made dinner, ate croissants from a bakery around the corner every morning. Grocery shopping and cooking meals throughout the week was such a fun experience. We got to try some interesting things, like mistakenly making grilled cheese sandwiches with fruit bread, and we had the most amazing ice cream treats…

Europe 2 148

Of course we had some busy tourist days but we also got to have a  few chill days involving shopping (lots of shopping) and just going to the pub her cousin and friends frequented to listen to their music etc.

Europe 2 074 528 526

It was SO AWESOME. We got to know some really neat people living there, most of them expats as well. We also got to do some unusual activities, like play in a playground behind Notre Dame, and I FINALLY got to visit the Moulin Rouge.

K683 (173)

Next post I will talk about all the fun touristy stuff we did there of course. But I am so glad I got this special time in Paris, such a unique way to spend it!

– xoxo Veronica


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