The Europe Trip: Kinsale

By the time we hit Ireland, we were also hitting burn out. We were coming up to the tail end of the trip, and I think we could all feel it. Because of this, we decided to hit up a few smaller places rather then the big ones like Dublin, Cork or Belfast. Unfortunately, this became a wrong choice and my time in Ireland was disappointing. I had looked forward to visiting this country for a long time, and it became one of my least favorite. I don’t blame Ireland at all. I don’t blame anything in fact, I believe it was purely circumstantial. I have every intentions of heading back to Ireland so that I can get to know a completely different side, get to appreciate its beauty and fall in love with it like I was supposed to the first time.

Europe 2 281

Now that that is out of my system here is a bit about one of our stops, Kinsale!

We chose Kinsale purely by the flip of a page and the point of a finger from our guidebook. After landing late in Dublin, we caught a bus to Kinsale and enjoyed the scenery and landed in what turned out to be a VERY teensy town. We found the one and only hostel located in the town and strolled in, praying that it would have a room. Turns out it did. This hostel was in a renovated house, and it was pretty cozy. We spent most of our two nights and days here just chilling. The evenings were spent cooking dinner and watching movies downstairs with the hostel keeper and only other guest.

During one of the days here, we took a short hike up to a hill point where we could get gorgeous views of the ocean and also enjoy a bit of history as this is close to where the Lusitania sunk.

Europe 2 280

That basically sums up our time in sleepy Kinsale. It was adorable of course, but out of all the options in Ireland, I would visit somewhere else when I go back.

– xoxo Veronica 


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