Amazing Race: Disney Princess & Characters Edition

It certainly was not a apart of our plan to attempt to meet ALL of the Princesses and as many other characters as possible while there. At the point of departure, we had fast passes for Anna and Elsa, and vague talks about seeing whom else we could meet. Then Caitlin made the decision to purchase story books for her niece and nephews with the intention of getting them filled with signatures. Welp, that changed everything…

Not that I minded at all. I LOVE meeting the characters, one of my favorite things to do, as you know from my Disneyland post. We started this little adventure on Wednesday, our day in Epcot and continued until Friday, where we spent a solid 8 hours racing around Magic Kingdom to finish our quest. Did we succeed? You bet we did! There were very few characters we did not get a chance to meet, but the amount we did was awesome! All of the Princesses were met, which was the original main goal. And we got to meet a few randoms along the way =)

First up was our day in Epcot. In Epcot, almost each pavilion has one or two characters assigned with a specific meeting spot and times throughout the day. The meeting times are every hour up until the evening, so from around 12-6, give or take. So it is really easy to manage your time well and meet all of them that are they, should you want too. We were going to start with meeting Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins, but the lines had closed by the time we got there, so we moved on to the next pavilion. As we started a bit too late in the afternoon, we did miss out on going back to meet Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland, but have to same some meetings for next time right?

aurora 3

We made it to the France pavilion just in time for the line to start forming to meet Aurora. As we were waiting in line to meet her, we also noticed that the time to meet Belle was coming up in 20 minutes as well, and she was just a few feet over, also in the France pavilion. This is where the Amazing Race thing kicked in. We had the guys and Janna go stand in line early for Belle, so we would be the few first people, while we waited to meet Aurora. Caitlin and I got so hyper in the Aurora line, anxioulsy counting down the time frame we had to book it to Belle, the people waiting behind us got the biggest kick out of our craziness. Finally, it was time to meet Aurora and she was adorable! It was Cailtin’s first time meeting a character (that she could remember) so she got to experience the magic that comes from forgetting that it is just an actor and feeling like it is the princess right infront of you. After exchanging pleasantries with Aurora (and being called beautiful by the Princess, =) ) we quite literally ran like madmen in order to make it to meet Belle and we did!

belle 3

Belle was cute as well, she enjoyed hearing about Caitlin’s niece (as Belle, or rathe r”Yellow” was her favourite) and she got the guys blushing too when they were to shy to take a picture with her. It was neat getting to meet her in her other costume. She chatted a bit about books, so very in character.


After Belle, we fast paced it to meet Mulan in the China pavilion, and were once again in the beginning of the line. Mulan made some funny cracks about getting down to business if we came across some Huns, I love how well they do at improvising with conversation and connecting to the movies.

snow white 2

Last but not least, was meeting Snow White in the German pavilion. We literally missed the cut off to meet her for her second last time, and so we shocked the greeter person by asking if we could just be the first in line to meet her and her next time, 40 minutes from them. He said oook, and so we waited, 40 minutes to be the first in line to meet Snow White. Whom was very pretty and cute as well. That concluded our Epcot Character greetings.

 Next day was Animal Kingdom, which would be the best chance to get the nephews books signed. Here we met Doug and Russell where Doug licked my Minnie Ears and tried to look in my bag for treats! Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Rafiki (who got us to dance), Pocohoantas and Meeko, Baloo and King Louie, Chip n Dale, and as we were leaving the park, Thumper and Miss Bunny. Animal Kingdom was nice because there was no mad dashes to make all the times to meet the characters, most of them were out on a constant basis, with only five minute or so breaks between meet ups.








Finally, we made it to Magic Kingdom to complete our quest of meeting all the Princesses and as many other characters as we could. We started off with meeting Whinnie the Poo and Tigger to. Then proceeded to Tomorrowland where we met Buzz Lightyear and STITCH! Stitch was high on my list to meet as I love him, and I even wore my Stitch ears from my race costume, so we bonded over that. It will make my heart happy forever. 🙂

winnie the pooh 4

buzz 2 DSCN0516

Due to the cold weather, most of the rides (that we wanted to ride anyway) were down in the afternoon so we figured this was perfect chance to just use up the afternoon to flit between meeting Ariel, Gaston, Merida, Jasmine , Tianna and Naveen.


It was neat getting to meet Ariel in her grotto, and see her in her mermaid costume as opposed to her dress, that was new to meet.


Gaston was his charming over egotistic self as per usual, as yes Janna did act like a little giggling school girl once again. 😛


Merida was so much fun! She joked around with us the whole time and was very spunky. And that hair….

jasmine 2

Jasmine was really pretty and she invited us to come to Agrabah so we could get some desert warmth, and also to see Aladdin and Genie who were off teaching the Sultan how to fly a magic carpet at the time. (I love how they explain why a certain character is not there at the time).

tiana 9

Then we met Tianna and Naveen, who were my favourite meet up of this trip. Naveen ended up reading us a story from Caitlin’s book that she was getting signed, and it was just too funny. Those two were hilarious with how they interacted.

frozen 5 frozen 3

At some point in the afternoon we used our fast passes to meet Anna and Elsa.  Luckily we had those fast passes for Anna and Elsa as the line was always at a constant 70 minutes. And it was fantastic because we literally just walked right in the room to meet them. Both were very cute to meet, and we discussed all things snow from Canada.


In the evening we waited in line to meet Cinderella and Rapunzel. Cinderella was lovely and every bit a princess.IMG_0527

Rapunzel was probably my favorite princess meet up of the trip! She had bounds of energy, made a cute joke about having to hide her frying pan in the plants because Cinderella did not think it was proper to have it in the castle, and she got our boys to laugh as well because she kept calling them ruffians. Ha! And again, that hair…

As we were leaving the park we made our last stop to meet Tinkerbelle! Our quest was now completed.


It was so much fun getting to meet the characters, but the downside is that it does take up time. Between waiting in the lines and waiting for all the times to start, it took us around 8 hours on the day of Magic Kingdom. If you have the time and ability, I would take one day just to meet the characters, and then spend the rest of the time focusing on rides. Utilize the fast passes for meeting the characters in Magic Kingdom, which can be used for Anna, Elsa, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Ariel and Tinkerbelle. For some reason, I find it easier to wait in line for rides then I do for characters. And another tip is to be early for the time slot, nothing is worse then waiting in line and being cut off to meet the character because it got to busy. For example, Gaston’s line would be cut off BEFORE he even arrived to start meeting. Although, I attribute this to the recent you tube videos of Gaston.

The other tidbit I will add is how much fun it is to get something other then an autograph booked signed. The books were a great idea, as they serve a dual purpose. And me? I got this beautiful tote bag signed. The princesses signed their dresses and the other characters signed the back, except for Gaston who had to sign by his “wife”.

IMG_20150305_213715 (1)

– xoxo Veronica


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  1. Wow, seeing all those characters is definitely an accomplishment! I haven’t waited in too many character lines on my last few trips but your post has inspired me to get a few character signatures next time!

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