The Europe Trip: Kilkenny

Europe 2 292

Our next and last stop in Ireland was Kilkenny. Which actually turned out to be a pretty cool and lovely spot to check out and had one of the best hostels of our stay ever. It was also on our journey here that I was mugged. By pre-teen Irish boys. In a fast food chain at the train station. It was somewhat traumatizing when it happened, now it is just a funny story. They only got away with a souvenir wallet from Berlin and 15 euro, nothing in the scheme of things.

Our hostel was SUPER cute. We stumbled upon it through talking to a stranger while wandering around Kilkenny. He knew the owner of the hostel so he called him, and made sure we would have a room when we arrived there. Turns out the hostel was in a cute little house, it was super cheap, and our room actually felt like a bedroom with our own bathroom! They also served up free breakfast, had a cute kitchen with a spice cupboard.

We spent our day here touring the castle and then walking along the cobbled streets wandering through the shops and other sights. Kilkenny Castle was a really neat site and certainly not to be missed. The grounds were beautiful as was the architecture.

Europe 2 293

We spent our evenings watching movies by ourselves in the living room,enjoying some chill time, even having one of the hostel receptionists run to the store and ask if we needed anything picked up!

And as we were leaving Kilkenny to catch our flight from Dublin to Edinburgh we ran into none other then Kate and Chad! Our Australian friends that we met in Greece. We had an inkling we would be in Ireland at the same time but there was no indication it would be the same city and certainly a surprise to run into them on the street out of the blue!

– xoxo Veronica 


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