The Europe Trip: Enjoying Edinburgh

Europe 2 297
My most distinct memory of Edinburgh is not the sights we visited or the scenery we saw, but a cappuccino. Yup that’s right. When I think of Edinburgh, I think of a cappuccino that I had on the way to seeing the castle. Just hours after we landed, from our 5 am flight from Dublin. That cappuccino was heavenly!

Europe 2 305

But actually Edinburgh was lovely! Really cold so I am glad that I had lots of layers to wear while we explored the streets and the castle.  But lovely nonetheless.

Europe 2 321

We only really spent the one full day there, and that was basically taken up with the castle and wandering the streets and shops.

K683 (396) Europe 2 311 Europe 2 304

The castle was really neat to check out, we had quite some fun there. Lots of details and information to absorb and see. We got to learn quite a bit about the history there from spending time in the castle.

K683 (401)  K683 (400)                               K683 (399)

And of course we got to enjoy time in the neat little shops.

K683 (409)

Edinburgh is HIGH on my list to return too, (noticing a trend yet?) as I know we only small the teeniest fraction while here. Hopefully this time I will have had more than just a few hours of sleep. Although I won’t say no to a cappuccino anytime.

– xoxo Veronica


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