The Europe Trip: Hunting for Nessie

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If there was one thing we wanted to do while in Scotland, it was visit the Loch Ness Lake, and that we did! We booked a tour that took us on a boat ride out on the lake, and then on a tour around the ruins at Uqheart.  There were many tour companies offering this kind of tour, I believe we just booked one straight from our hostel and then were on our way the next morning.

K683 (413)

We took a very scenic train ride from Edinburgh to Inverness, which in addition to the actual tour definitely took up all day. The landscape on the train was just BEAUTIFUL.


K683 (440) K683 (442)

The boat ride was fun, and the area surrounding Loch Ness lake was hauntingly beautiful. The lake itself was so dark and mysterious, I could easily believe that there is a creature lurking under there.

K683 (436)

K683 (431)

We got the chance to explore the ruins at our own pace and then tour a little museum that was there as well.


K683 (459)

K683 (461)

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Finally we capped the day off by eating a delicious pizza while waiting for the train.

K683 (428)

All in all, a successful day of Nessie Hunting.

– xoxo Veronica 


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