The Europe Trip: Durham/Hartlepool

Our next stop on this journey was back into England, to now stay with Caitlin’s family and or family friends. First up was a family friend in Hartlepool, England. We choose here just to chill out and also visit Durham, to see the cathedral where parts of Harry Potter was filmed.


It was SO NICE to finally be out of hostels at this point. We were all very grateful for the chance to stay in a house, have our own big beds and eat delicious meals cooked for us. The really  best part? GETTING TO HAVE A BUBBLE BATH in almost two months of not having one. We spent that first night just drinking tea and watching movies on the cozy couch.



The next day we spent in Durham, after taking the train from Hartlepool. We packed a picnic lunch and took a nice walk along the riverbank, and walked to and through the cathedral. It was neat getting to see the courtyard that was used in the Harry Potter movies, and the cathedral itself was beautiful.


We got surprised when we got back with a fish and chip dinner, that was AMAZING. They were the best ever, probably because they were fresh from the ocean. Finally, our time in Hartlepool was capped off with watching a Harry Potter movie!

– xoxo Veronica 


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