The Europe Trip: Colchester


When people visit the UK, I doubt that Colchester is high on their list of places to go. But I am SO GLAD that we ended up here, a piece of me fell in love with this little city, and that began my dream of one day living in the UK. If you are looking for something aside from London to see in the England, visit Colchester!

So anyway, Caitlin had another aunt and uncle that lived in Colchester. Technically we arrived in Colchester upon landing in London on the start of our Euro Trip. Here we spent a day recovering and vising the Colchester castle and then onward to Athens. The castle was cute to visit and a fun introduction into Medieval times.


We also stumbled upon these beautiful roman ruins.

Europe 1 010

Then we returned here for a couple days near the end of the trip to hang out and pick up some stuff we had left behind at the beginning. We got spend a full day relaxing here, and walking around the city center, doing some shopping and just hanging out.

And finally, start the long and tedious task of repacking and reorganizing all of our stuff.


It literally exploded all over the bedroom we were staying in. But eventually, we worked it all out and it all fit, yay!

At this point, we only had a few days left before heading back home! I think Colchester will always hold a very very special place in my heart. Who knows, maybe it will be a future home?

– xoxo Veronica 


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