The Europe Trip: The End

After 57 days on the road, it was finally time to catch our plane that was homeward bound. I think we all boarded our plane feeling bittersweet. After travelling so extensively, I definitely felt ready to head home (especially to sleep in my own bed and enjoy a mom cooked meal) , even if it was with a heavy heart, but I know that I left pieces of me in each place that we visited and memories to last a lifetime.


I’ll never truly have a real answer to my favorite place, or my favorite site, or my favorite food etc. It was all my favourites, and it was all so wonderful. I will never forget all the people we met, and the discoveries about myself that I made.

Most of all I think that I will never forget the journey that I got to share with my two amazing girl friends.


Well that wraps up my Europe Trip that took place back in March & April 2009, just in time for my next big adventure in my life.

I hope you enjoyed reading about those wonderful two months that have inspired so much more from my life.

– xoxo Veronica


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