2015 Travels Bucket List

As soon as I decided last year that I was going to be moving to the UK, I started looking at places that I wanted to travel too. Some day trips, long weekend getaways and some lengthy type trips. Some of them solo, with a tour group, or a joining friend or family member. Before I knew it, my bucket list so to speak, got incredibly long. It is still growing at an alarming rate. I know that I will probably never travel to all the places that I want to see, but as you know, I love dreaming about travels anytime.

So here is a little list of the travel plans that I have on my mind for the rest of this year. We shall see what happens in in making these real!

For starters, I have hundreds of little day trips I already want to make in the England. Since these will be more easily accesible time and money wise, I expect to never be bored while trying to visit all of these places. Some major ones for now are Oxford, Cambridge, Stonehenge, Bath, Canterbury, and Leeds. All of these places have a few sights that I want to see, or I was just told to check out from others who have visited.

Now for some more than just a day, trips:


I have wanted to visit Nice since planning my initial around the world adventure. Simply just to spend some times relaxing on the beaches and strolling the streets. A side of France I have yet to experience. As well, visiting Monaco for the day is an absolute must, Monte Carlo has always been a glitzy and glamorous dream destination.


We did not make it to the Scandinavian countries last time, and I know that I want to visit them all eventually but for some reason, Denmark, and specifically Copenhagen was high on my list. I will shamelessly admit that seeing the Little Mermaid statue is a pretty big draw for me. I also would love to see Tivoli Gardens, take a canal tour (as my friend Janna suggested), and just spend some time exploring somewhere entirely new!

Skye High Tour

I stumbled upon this tour through cruising the Haggis Adventures website, and cant wait to go on it! Touring more of Scotland, as well as the breathtaking and magical Isle of Skye sounds like the perfect way to spend a long weekend.

Prague, Vienna, Budapest

These three cities have been high on my to see list for a very very long time. I have heard so much about them, and seen so many beautiful pictures. My initial plan is to see them at one trip, taking the train between the cities. Activities include just walking around enjoying the sights, architecture, history, food, and a must do is visiting one of the famous baths in Budapest!

Porto & Lisbon

I don’t know very much about either of these places but after seeing pictures on travel blogging sites, I was hooked and want to see them for myself. What I will see and do will be left open for when I arrive!

Croatia & Balkans Tour

At first, I just wanted to visit Croatia. The entire country looks to beautiful to miss. Then as I was looking at different options to explore Croatia, I stumbled upon this G Adventures tour, and decided that all of those stops just sound incredible to see. While I know that I could visit all of these places on my own, I though that trying out a group tour would be nice and a good way to break up my travel style. I REALLY want to make this one happen this summer, so stay tuned!


I am not sure when my fascination with Iceland began, but once it did, it did not stop. It just looks so beautiful! I want to visit both in the summer and the winter. There are so many activities I want to partake it. Such as horseback riding, hunting for the Northern Lights, cafe hopping in Reykjavik,  and a tour of the Golden Circle.  And as well, I do want to visit the Blue Lagoon!

There you have it, my list of potential travels for this year. One of those listed is actually very real and will be happening not to far from now. Can you guess which one? 😉

As for the rest, will I make it all happen? Probably not. Will I visit some unexpected places? Most likely. Am I excited to have so many places to see at my doorstep? You bet.

I can’t wait to begin my adventure in just a few days.

Any suggestions as for more places to add to my list?

– xoxo Veronica 


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