Week One Recap

Well hello there!

I am writing this from the desk in my new home, smelling the fresh cut flowers I just purchased at the market and enjoying the sunshine from the window.

Needless to say, the first week here has been fantastic. Some quick updates, I made a point of finding a room to rent as soon as possible and I found one within four days, I am mastering navigating around quite well, have made some new friends, had some crazy adventures already, loving the food and coffee scene so much and have started the process of settlig in.

Expect details on everything from Britbound, bank accounts, pub crawls, sightseeing and shopping througought the next weeks.

But a bit of backtracking —

Last Sunday’s goodbyes were as heartbreaking as I knew they would be. I almost did not let go of my mom, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. BUT after shedding enough tears, I took a deep breathe and made my way onto my flight. By the time I landed the next morning, I was ready to start this adventure.

Going through customs as a breeze, the only question that was asked of me was what the address I was staying at, which was a hostel. After that I arranged for a company called Green Tomatoes to pick me up,  which I have since used twice since moving here, and I would highly recommend them. They are a mini cab service that quotes you a set price upon booking, they were prompt both times, and they have free wifi in the car!


I arrived at my hostel Astor Hyde Park a bit ahead of check in time so I  dropped off my luggage and then took a walk around the area to find something to eat and then I enjoyed wandering around Hyde Park for awhile, amused by the hundreds of dogs that were out.

The first few days were a mix of jet lag kicking my bet, making some new Canadian friends which led to a great pub crawl adventure, overwhelming amount of information via Britbound, and learning to deal with homesickness. The homesickness was harder then I thought and figuring out how to deal with it was tricky, as being busy didn’t always help. However since I have left the hostel, I am noticing it is a lot easier to manage. I think this is because I am not surrounded by people who are just passing through, as fun as it was to make lots of new friends of course.


There certainly was a bit of disorientation from landing and feeling every emotional possible. I just tried to embrace what I was feeling, and decide how to handle it from there. If it required solace, I would seek some, if I needed to be around people, I would head down to the common room, and if I needed home, I would viber everyone back home like crazy.

Anyway, my first week was a good mix of practical local stuff as well as being a tourist. I have seen Buckingham Palace, London Zoo, Camden Town and Portabello Road Market so far. I was sucessful in finding a place to call home in the first week so next week will be to tackle finding a job.


Stay tuned to hear about all the technical stuff and for some reviews. 

– xoxo Veronica 


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    • Honesty I didn’t even know until later and that was only because my cousin back home sent me a message lol she knew before me! I was too busy enjoying amazing street food lol but now it’s in the media etc, I imagine I will be immersed in it. It is very exciting!

      • Haha! Yes, I am sure there will be lots of new merchandise in the shops celebrating the baby. I was reading all of the news articles from across the pond!

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