A Review: Astor Hyde Park 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I debated quite awhile about which hostel to choose as my arrival hostel. I knew I could quite possibly be there for a couple weeks, so I wanted it to be comfortable, had a kitchen, central, safe, and not a party focused hostel as I would be job hunting while staying there. After doing my own research, I heard about Astor Hyde Park though a SWAPPERS facebook group, and it seemed to be the popular choice. So after looking into it and seeing the price point matched my budget, I was good to book.

I booked a 12 Bed Dorm through HostelWorld.com for 14 nights and the total came to just under 300 pounds.

I arrived just before noon after my overnight flight, and was greeted by one of their staff members at  the doorsteps who was making a private phonecall, but that did not stop him from helping me with my luggage into the hostel! From there, I was greeted by another staff member on her way out, with a war welcome. The pleasent attitudes continued from that point right up until my departure. Every satff member that I came across had a warm smile and was more than willing to help, as well as stop for the occasional chat.

The room itself was comfortable, my only complaint was that my bed happened to be in the middle of the room, and so it made it hard to achieve some kind of privacy but I made do with scarves and towels around my bed 😛 Otherwise everything was kept clean, the beds were quite comfy, and I felt that my stuff was always secuire inside the lockable cages underneath each bed. Rooms are only accessible via keycard, and there is a second front door that requires a keycode later at night.

The location was fantastic! Literally steps away from Hyde Park, as well as three tube stations connection to centreal lines and three musuems. A supermarket was about a 10 minue walk away on either direction with tons of cafes and restaurants and pubs to follow. I can also attest to the safety of the area as well both in the daylight and nighttime.

The social scene was pretty great at the hostel as well. There was usually some kind of event going on every night, whether it be drinking games or a movie in the common room or a pub crawl. I certainley met a lot of very fun people during my stay at Astor.

The best part about Astor Hyde Park was that when I managed to find a home much sooner then I thought, they refunded me for the remaining nights of my stay without a second thought, and with a pleasent attitude. I went in thinking I may have to fight for some money back, and came out grinning at the now credit balance on my visa!

All in all, my stay at Astor Hyde Park was great and I highly recommend it to anyone travelling to London!

– xoxo Veronica 


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